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  1. How very true! I'm not a patient man, but I do love making my own beer. I have such a hard time waiting the recommended 2-6 weeks in the bottle.
  2. Glad I found this topic. My Mom bought me a Mr. Beer refill (Sticky wicket) & another brand that's a 5 gallon extract. I have 2 LBKs so now I know what to do. Thanks. Oh and Happy Brew year everyone! :cheers:
  3. Honestly I love most any beer. The only beer I don't like are Belgian whites, eg Blue Moon. I do love IPAs and pilsners.
  4. Looking to order another refill soon, there was a store locally that sold them but sadly they have gone out of business. So I need some suggestions as to what I should order. What are your favorite Mr. Beer refills?
  5. "bpgreen" post=278074 said:There's a LHBS in Ogden, in case you didn't know. I think it's called Fermentation Station. It's near the train museum and shops. I think it's right next door to the Great Harvest. I'm about halfway between Ogden and SLC but I probably sounds more at the beer nut in SLC (around 1200 S state). I've heard about it, just haven't had time to check it out yet. I hear Beer nuts is really cool, I need to make it down there some time too.
  6. Cool I'm not the only Utahan here! I'm from Ogden born & raised. Squatters are pry-off I just re-used a bunch of Hop Rising bottles.
  7. The bottles I use are from Squatters a local beer here in Utah, great beer but the labels refuse to come off! It takes a while but soaking them works, thanks for all the tips everyone.
  8. I soaked them in hot water for a while and it came off pretty easy. I guess I'll have to pick up some Oxyclean next time.
  9. I've decided to start using glass bottle, I saved a few and bought a caper & caps. Here's my question, does anyone know a easy way to remove the labels and glue from bottles?
  10. Good to know thanks! Two months, wow! Good thing I have a batch of blonde ale going too then.
  11. I got the Blue Lightning refill pack, and in the instructions it says for best results allow to lager for at least two weeks. So my question is this, should I cold condition it after bottling or condition for 2 weeks then lager for 2 more?
  12. Update: I couldn't resist I tried one after only one week in the bottle, that was dumb. I was very disappointed with it, not enough carbonation and too sweet tasting. However after just about two weeks now it's so much better! Very bubbly, and it tastes like beer. Getting ready make another batch now(sanitizing as we speak). I won't make the same mistake again. :cheers:
  13. Just bottled my first batch it's going to be hard waiting another 2 weeks to drink it. Also got a hold of another LBK form a co-worker & ordered the blue lightning refill with my 20% coupon. :stout:
  14. Looks great, I can't wait to get to my first pour.
  15. Alright I stuck to the basic recipe, it's in the keg fermenting. Now the hard part, waiting. Thanks for all the tips, I'll keep reading the new brewers posts on here. Thanks again & :cheers:
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