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  1. I just wanted to update you all concerning my bitter IPA. I have now drank 3 bottles and some of you were right. I think I am aquiring a taste for it. As a matter of fact it kind of taste good.
  2. Thank you all for answering my question. I am going to leave the bottles in the refrigerator awhile longer and see if the bitterness is less. I don't think I'll brew anymore IPA's though but I am going to go ahead and drink this batch. I cannot see throwing out any kind of beer unless it is spoiled.
  3. I just tasted my second batch which was American Devil IPA and it is very bitter. My first batch was the Wicked Monk and it did not have the bitter taste. Is the American Devil IPA suppose to have the bitter after taste? I did taste the first bottle after only leaving it in the refrigerator for one week instead of two. If I leave the remaining bottles longer in the refrigerator will the bitter taste be reduced? Any help is much appreciated. Michael
  4. I am on my second batch using the 1 litre plastic bottles and I only got 7 complete bottles. I had some left in the keg but didn't like the looks of it so poured it down the drain. I just assumed that there was an extra bottle included in the Mr. Beer kit.
  5. Thank you all for your responses. A couple of questions what is The Borg forum? And what is DME? I'll read all the FAQ's and stay in touch with this forum. Also thank you all for the welcome
  6. I received as a gift Mr. Beer Brewmasters Select Beer Kit. I made one batch of Wicked Monk that came with the kit and it tasted okay. I am in the process of making the second batch that came with the kit I believe its called American Devil IPA. I just ordered from Mr. Beer the premium Black Tower porter. I guess I have several questions does anyone know where you can purchase the refills at a little better price than $28.00 includes shipping? Also can you use the Mr. Beer kit to brew other receipes? If so how do I know what ingredients to use, how much of each and how to brew it using my kit? Are there any web sites that tell you how to do this? Any help is much appreciated.
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