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  1. THANKS so much for the responses. I will answer a few questions that folks have asked. The stout is the Sticky Wicket and I did not add anything to it or do anything special to it. I used the 1L bottles. From what I have gathered I should wait 3-4months after bottling to try this stout as it will taste better. I have left my bottles in the same spot I had my LBK in, I hope this is fine? Thanks again for all the info and help and I will post pics of my first pour in a few months! :chug:
  2. So I bottle my Stout two weeks ago and was wondering if I should put one in the fridge and taste it and see how it is and then continue doing one beer per week after that and see how it taste over the weeks that past? Or should I just wait it out and let it carb in the bottle for longer. How long should I put it in the fridge for? Thanks for any and all help.
  3. Thanks for the response. That was air temp. I was going to condition for 2 weeks and then 2 weeks in fridge ... This sound ok.? Logical? Was going to also keep trying a beer every week after to see how it tasted being left longer periods i
  4. So i just bottled my first batch of Stout tonite, I should leave it for 2 weeks to Carb and then another 2 weeks sitting in the same place that the LBK was sitting and then Fridge for 2-3 days and enjoy? Is this correct info I am gathering from reading this post?
  5. So I live in Florida also, Panhandle to be more specific and I have been brewing my first batch of beer. I brewed a stout and let it ferment for 3 weeks and bottled it tonight. My question is I have kept it at 75 degree as the guide said to keep fermenting temperature below 76 and so I kept it 74/75 the whole time. I tasted tested it tonight and it tasted like flat yummy beer. Now i am worried after reading this my beer ma be "bad" b/c of the high temps during fermentation? Is this going to be true :/ Thanks for any and all info
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