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  1. After scooping grains out of my mashtun I carry grains to my backyard and scatter them with my lawn mower. End up with no piles and it turns into a fertalizer
  2. After adding the dry yeast to my sterile water, it has me cover it with aluminum foil for so many min. Can you use plastic wrap instead or is there some type of reaction with the foil?
  3. Thank you for the link, it was what I was looking for. Cant wait to gt hooked up and running now.
  4. Thanks for the link, it was what I was looking for. Cant wait now to get hooked up.
  5. Thank you for the help, but to be sure, what would you say is too often? I am looking to get one that is 5 to 7 cu feet.
  6. Want to use a chest freezer w/ a Johnson Control to keep temps in certain areas. Will it hurt the unit if it does not stay or go to the freezing point?
  7. Thumbs up to the statements above. Agree 100% After hot break. Volume of your equiptment (weather 2gal, 3, 5, 10 or more), the closer to the top the more risk of the boil over. Seems like comon sense but it has happened.
  8. How does one convert the 1.210lb can of extract to a grain bill? Made a PM last Sept. that I really liked but have been doing all grain since and would like to try making it again but this time allgrain. Any tips or points in the right direction would send this brewer to the LHBS asap!!
  9. Well at least now I know... from now on I will boil my water 1st then let it cool. ( or buy spring water) Thanks for the 411.
  10. Just opened my 1st allgrain Apple Dutch Ale. The ale is still young, been bottled for 2 weeks. Brewed to share with family for Christmas. Still have a few weeks to condition. Was disapointed when I came across the plastic taste. I didnt use spring water just tap. (hadnt had a problem before) If this is a Chlorophenol problem will it reduce over time or will I be drinking this all myself?
  11. After printing the list and recipe off I went to my LHBS. My all grain Northern England Nutty Brown ale is in my LBK. **thumbs up** I want to thank you guys for answering all my questions I have ever asked in these forums. You have never made me feel like an outsider or newb asking dumb questions. Its nice to get help without the feeling of being put down. Thanks
  12. Thanks, would love to see them. The ones above sound very good. Looking at the grains that Mr. Beer adds to HCCD; pale, caramel, chocolate, vienna and munich, I was hoping to come up with a steeping combo to add to make up for body and watery effect that all the extracts seems to have without over powering what the extract taste like. After this batch would love to try one of yours. I have 2 LBK and I love having something in them at all times.
  13. I have had this can of HME of Canadain Draft for awhile now and have never tried it before. Since it has been on my self waiting for the day to be thorwn into my wort pot is there any suggestions on what to use to freshen it up a bit? Dont want to change it just get it back to where it belongs so to speak. I have a brew day planned to make a nutty oak brown and wanted to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. This extract brew and an all grain in 1 day fun fun. You guys have not let me down before and have always recieved great advice.
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