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  1. I brew in in the garage using a turkey fryer and prefer it to working inside. I plan to brew an Irish Red Ale on Monday. I live in Texas and this will be my first brew day with warmer weather, I hope it isn't to hot. :cheers:
  2. No worry on the LME bag in hot water. The hot water will take care of any bacteria. I live in Texas and I use an Ice chest with frozen water in a bottle to control temp. I keep a thermometer in the ice chest and I can adjust the amount ice in the bottle to maintain the desired temp for the yeast and style of beer. :cheers:
  3. Congratulations on the first pour and let the spending begin! :banana:
  4. 1+ on the Ox-clean and then I usually just let it air dry. Be sure to remove the spigot and give it a good wash as well. You are well on your way to the obsession! :cheers:
  5. It looks like you hit a good FG! I made a White House Honey Ale today and it is in the Carboy. What was the OG? Was this a Mr Receipt? :cheers:
  6. I have a 5 gal Bavarian Hefewizen in the keg conditioning. All I need is some summer! :mow:
  7. "Screwy Brewer" post=354210 said:Looks like a sweet setup and should be ready to go, after filling the Co2 tank. My advice would be to make sure all the Co2 connections are tight and that'll solve any leaking Co2 issues. Other than that, enjoy your new rig. Oh and the Co2 tanks come stamped with the date of their inspection, which means they'll need to be retested 5 years from that date stamped on your tank. I was told that suppliers won't refill them unless they've been retested after 5 years for about the cost of a new tank. I've only had mine for 3 years now so I don't know this to be true by my own experiences but this is what I was told when I bought mine. Screwy is correct on the leak testing, I went through a 5 lb tank of CO2 for three 5 gal batches and discovered that I had a couple of leaks. When you get ready to have a tank hydro-static tested in 5 years you need to shop around. Welding shops, scuba shops or Fire extinguisher companies. I was in the medical equipment business for years and I only paid $15.00 for the test. Congratulations on the kegging! :chug:
  8. I just used my new 5 liter flask (early birthday present to myself) to make a 2 liter starter. This thing is great! I added DME into the flask, added 2 liters of water, put it on the stove and brought it to a boil for 5 min. It was easy to control the boil in this big boy, and the clean up was soooo easy. I cooled the wort in an ice bath and pitched my 3rd generation washed 1056 yeast. I will keep it on the stir plate in the fermentation chest at 68 degrees until my Sunday brew day. I plan to pitch ½ of the starter and wash the remainder for a future batch. Question; how many times have you fellow brewers used the same batch of washed yeast? I will be brewing the White House Honey Ale in a 5 gal batch. I forgot to mention that my birthday isn't until next year. I am running out of special occasions to buy beer equipment. :cheers:
  9. Welcome to the obsession! There is allot of great information on this forum. This group can assist you from Mr Beer extract all the way to all grain brewing. Enjoy the ride. :cheers:
  10. Welcome and I see kegging in your future! It sounds like you are on the fast track in brewing, Welcome to the obsession! :cheers:
  11. http://www.midwestsupplies.com/grolsch-gaskets.html http://www.midwestsupplies.com/12-replacement-ez-cap-swing-tops.html :cheers:
  12. Wrong thread. Don't drink and type :gulp:
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