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  1. When you are cooling your wort to get it down to the temp to add the yeast, how long does it take you? What is an acceptable amount of time? How long is too long? I am trying to cool mine quickly but I may be pitching the yeast when it is still too hot. I get plenty of yeast action, that is not the problem, it seems however I am still getting a bit off an off taste. A little sweet & tart flavors. Thanks
  2. Does anyone have the Instructions or specs for Churchills Nut Brown Ale. I cannot find them anywhere
  3. There are some bubbles on the top, it is a thin layer, just thinner than I remember from the past brewings. So what is so bad about old cans of extract?
  4. Okay, So it's been a couple years since I have made anything with my Mr Beer kit (life took me on a long journey). But this weekend I got out the kit, sanitized it and brew a Cowboy Lager / Creamy Brown blend. Before I started I checked the yeast viability, at least I think I did. I took 3 Mr Beer yeast packets and put them in some warm sugar water... 1.5 hours later they are bubbly away nicely so I feel they are pretty good to use, even old. When I say bubbling, there was lots of action. So I made the beer, cooled it, pitched the yeast, and now It doesn't seem like there is really that much action going on in the keg. So this leads me to a couple questions. 1 - How long does it take for trub to form in the bottom of the LBK and can you see it from the outside? 2 - Is it possible to OVER-yeast beer? I am less than a mile from a beer supply shop so I could go get fresher yeast and add it in. (It was closed on the day I brewed) Thanks
  5. So I am still carbonating bottles individually with sugar. Per the instructions of Mr Beer I ad the sugar, fill with beer, then invert them several times to get the sugar to mix. But sometimes the sugar sticks to the bottom requiring a shake to get it to mix. Isn't this just oxygenating the beer? Should I just leave the sugar at the bottom and not worry about it? What is the flavor effect of oxygenation? Thanks BierMeister's
  6. I tied it about halfway down. I may be the case that once I use it one time all the loose stuff will fall off. I'm leaning toward a reusable teabag or teaball next time.
  7. Yesterday I was brewing with added hops for the first time (Prince Ludwig recipe) and I noticed once I added the hop sack they give you to the water, little tiny strings kept floating off. I trimmed it up and the same thing kept happening. Any suggestions?
  8. What about using glass marbles? Like the kind that kids use.
  9. Okay, so I have has a batch of the new BavarianWeiss fermenting for two weeks. Trub is at the bottom of the LBK, I got a good bath ring in there as well. So I am thinking I want to cold crash it. I go to take a hydrometer reading and it's like I was pouring a draft - it gave me at least 1.5 inches of bubbly head when I poured it. I have never had that happen before - a few bubbles maybe, but never large head and "champagne" amount of bubbles in the hydrometer... my reading was 1.010, so that's very close to my projected 1.008... still - should it be bubbling like that? Is the amount of bubbles an indicator that this brew is not ready yet? Thanks
  10. Bpgreen - that might be a thought. It was awfully cloudy. I am guessing I really just need to RDWHAHB.
  11. Frozen - I santitized the crap out of it before I fermented. I mean I sanitized everything. I supposed I could have gotten a bug, but I'm not sure how. Screwy - yeast was good, package was good and swollen, I let it sit for an hour or so before brewing and it had expanded to fill the package. I didn't check the smell, but I did check the bag and it was not neat the exp date. I am going to cold crash and them bottle - I guess only time will tell.
  12. Okay, so I was getting ready to bottle yesterday, a basic Bewitched Red/Booster brew. It has been fermenting for two weeks. I checked the Final Gravity - looked good, the brew in the LBK smelled good... BUT when I looked in the LBK there were lots of "Snow Flake Floaties" hanging in suspension. I decided to give the beer a taste and it wasn't very pleasant at all, pretty danged bitter to be exact. Now with this batch I used a liquid yeast (wyeast american ale) instead of the MB yeast. Is it typical for Wyeast yeasts to have more floaties than the MB basic yeast.. I am assuming a cold crash for a couple days will take care of it. I will know I am no longer a newb when I can brew a batch and not ask any questions.
  13. I think I may have fermented a bit on the hot side. I didn't cool the wort and it never seemed to develop a good bubbly surface. BUT the Final Gravity says it's good, I guess we will see when I pop it open Sunday.
  14. Okay, trying to wrap my head around yeast and it's ration and relationship to LME and UME. Last batch was a Canadian LME and Creamy UME and 1/2 cup Brown Sugar... so it used 1 packet of MB yeast that came with the LME... It will be ready to open and drink this Sunday. I did notice when I bottled it, it smelled a bit cidery sweet, and even throughout the brewing it didn't seem to have much Krausen ever - trub was evident at the bottom and it did reach a steady final gravity. the Batch I have fermenting right now is a Bewitched red with Booster (i know, i know, some of you disdain booster). But instead of using the MB yeast, I used a liquid yeast from my LHBS - one they suggested for ales. It was made for a 5 gal batch, I only used about half of it. The krausen is very evident (still some after 8 days) and the smell is awesome. It smells like real beer! So here are my questions - Is there a certain amount of yeast you should use per can of HME/UME ? Is the 5 gal packet of liquid yeast I get from the LHBS going to overwhelm my LBK or is it determined by the amount of ingredieants? Should I just cut the yeast from my LHBS in half? Should all of the yeasty foam always settle to the bottom, or sometimes does some of it stay on the surface, even after 2 weeks?
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