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  1. Welcome to the obsession, Mr beer does all the hard work to make brewing easy..no full day boiling of grains etc. Look at Mr beers site the sky is the limit, start with basic batches to get familiar with the process, then have fun experimenting..I am 30 batches in and have made some great beer. Look at the stickies on the site and anyone here will help should you need it. Great beers come from many combinations of Mr beer ingredients. Happy Brewing and Merry Christmas.
  2. I also ferment between 60 and 65 degrees, and have not had any bad beers sometimes during the winter a little lower than that, I use a wine fridge set at 65 degrees, holds 2 LBK's. Once you get a few batches under your belt, there are lot's of different yeasts you can experiment with, that will tolerate the lower temperatures. 2 of my favorite yeasts are: Danstar Nottingham Saflager s-23 Happy Brewing
  3. I also date my beers on bottling day, I also keep a detailed log including dates, outside temperatures, ingredients, and procedures used as well as any variance in temperatures usually anywhere from 1-5 degrees. This gives me a record for re-brewing any recipes.
  4. May smell like butt but tastes like gold..
  5. Start with the basics you will have some good beers..get comfortable and then experiment, this is a great place to ask questions of the more experienced brewers they will not steer you wrong. Cheers
  6. Danstar Nottingham is my go to yeast in the winter, tolerates lower temperatures well, I have fermented as low as 55 degrees, and still come out with great beer.
  7. I also checked my cabinet have 3 that expired in October 2014, Gonna be a busy brew day Saturday. Horses Ass ale Velvet Velociraptor Pumpkin Wheat Also gonna start another batch of cider, 2 Gallons Apple Juice, 1lb brown sugar..EC-1118 yeast After 3 weeks I am gonna Dry hop for a week with Sapphire Hops and Mulling spices. Cider is one of the easiest brew days
  8. Will be bottling both of these this weekend, I cold crashed the Fruit punch, and I will be racking the Mango to Secondary to eliminate the leftover Junk, liquid is extremely clear on the Mango.
  9. I will be building some of these out of 2x4's and Cedar fence boards. Utilitarian and air freshner for the mnan cave!!
  10. "JohnDubya" post=383993 said:Swing tops.... hmmm.... fill with red water, set on fence post, shoot with 22 rifle. I hate these things..... 22 ammo cheap and good, but I'd rather blow then to hell and back with 223 or 308..lol
  11. Having a hard time finding the frozen concentrates, so I plan on buying the juices today in the reconctituted form and trying these. Also am going to get some mango juice and frozen chunks from trader Joes and make a Mango punch.
  12. The Hydro sample at first had an apple taste with and underlying taste of wheat beer, I will be trying one this weekend as they have been conditioning for 6 weeks.
  13. I have cocnditioning right now a Mr Beer Wheat (New Big can) that I replaced all of the water with pressed apple juice from Costco and used Danstar Nottingham yeast. Hydro sample was killer. AKA Graff
  14. Hiatus is finally gonna come to an end. I just realized that I have 2 cases of Nong Cider, 18 Growling Dog Graff, and 20 Papa Coal Wheat Berry, that have been conditioning for about 2 - 3 months :banana: . In the meantime a buudy of mine gave me 2 of his LBK's which brings me up to 5. At the request of SWMBO and one of my buudies wives, I need to make some fruity drinks. Saturday is going to be a busy brew day: 1: Mango punch 2: Berry Punch 3: WCPA Mod (Probably Orange Eye Pale) 4: Bewitched Amber Ale 5: Winter Dark Ale
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