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  1. I am not familiar with the Coopers tablets but I use Brewers Best and it recommends 3 to five tablets per 12 oz. bottle so if you are using the PETS you may need to use more tablets. However, you have stated this has never been a problem in the past so it may be the plastic lids failing or if you have used more adjuncts in past brews it may have made up for the lack of carb tablets. I had this same problem a few weeks back when a buddy helped me bottle and only added one tablet per bottle. I was directed to add the tablets up to the specified amount and recap in an effort to save the beer. Also, my beer was already cold and adding the extra tablets later was easier that way as it controlled the fizzing as opposed to dropping them into warm beer. Good luck!!
  2. They are Brewers Best tablets. I currently have half the batch out of the fridge and the other half in so I guess if nothing else this could be a good learning experiment.
  3. So I had a friend help me bottle a few weeks back. Today I tried the beer and it was completely flat! Upon some questioning I discovered he only put one conditioning tablet in each 12 ounce bottle! My thought hear is get the beer back to room temperature, quickly take the cap off, and add some more tablets in an effort to save it. The question is how many? The amount I originally should have put in or extra to bump it up?
  4. All extremely helpful! I have a ton of hops but I was thinking some late Saaz would be what I would go with and just let the Amarillo stand on it's own. Very solid tips my friend..
  5. Ok folks I have done about 7 standard (more or less) Mr Beer recipes thus far. I am wanting to do up the grand Bohemian Czech pilsner tonight but want this one to stand out. I have a pound of carapils, a pound of light dme and Belgian dark Candi (which I will probably pass on for a pilsner) and a variation of hops. Where I understand the steeping and boiling processes just fine it is the amounts of water, grains and such that I am not sure on. I have read about a bazillion posts on these subjects and that is probably why I have now efficiently confused myself. Any ideas or thoughts are welcomed from this group!
  6. This appears to be a common problem with this particular brew. I brewed the American patriot last week and because of all the issues with it on here I tweaked it I added a creamy brown ume and did a hop boil with noble hops (tettanger, spalt, etc.) as these are what's used in Boston lager. Let ya know how it turns out.
  7. I did this one last night. Since it's meant to be some variation of SA Boston Lager I simply looked up the hops used in BL. Basically any Noble hops will do (Spalt, Hallertau, Tettanger, etc.) I did a one hour hop boil with those three specifically with water and Creamy Brown UME to hopefully take away from the watery-ness (word?)Anyways, may dry hop towards the end with some Saaz but hopefully it all goes well...
  8. It looks like it is mostly Hallertau and tettanger hops in two seperate sacks for each added at different times. Apparently any nobles will do. Im thinking boiling them in the Creamy Brown UME will add to the body overall as I assume this is going to be a little weak from what I am expecting "as is". So by boiling a small portion of the UME with the hops and adding the rest of the UME at flameout should help and then maybe dry hopping some Saaz would get me close. I am just not sure about the times I should add the hops...
  9. Try using 2 cans of the Oregon Blueberries instead of one. I did this in a wheat beer last year and everyone loved it. One can only makes it a very faint taste of the blueberries...two cans makes it noticeable and bumps up the ABV. Ferment a bit longer and it turns out damn good.
  10. Hey All! Just got the American Patriot Lager extract. After reading the few comments that there is on it, it seems some of the conlusions are the same...kind of flat, drinkable, not too much flavor. Was considering adding a creamy brown UME, some brown sugar maybe, and a few hops combo's on a boil...any suggestions?
  11. I just ordered the Patriot Lager (being a big SA fan) and as always, my concern is the ABV...in the past I have used a small amount of either honey, or regular or vanilla corn syrup to try and bump it up a bit with varying results. The ABV's on Mr. Beer stuff is aggravating at times (i.e. American Red Devil IPA at 3.7??) so any solid suggestions anyone has would be helpful.
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