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  1. Ok the beer in the bottles is super cloudy and developing the film on top. Probably gonna pop the lid and throw these out.
  2. Bottled two six packs out of this. Really did not feel worth it at all to try to squeeze a little more out of the gallon left in the LBK. It's a shame really, I got back into brewing because I had prickly pear cactus fruit on hand, and I really liked Shiners Prickly Pear beer 😕
  3. I hope this settles the adding raw fruit debate!
  4. Hate to take the lid off, but this is definitely infected. The big white bump is just the hop sack but there are little pellicles around it and a white sheen.
  5. Hmm I have a predicament then. I'd just really hate to toss this batch, but I have a white sheen and definite pellicles. It looks like the beginning of the infection though, so maybe no off tastes because it's pretty young. I do have a corny keg, so maybe I should do that?
  6. I've heard once you get an infection, it can be very hard to clean out. Also I wish this were merely buckeyeitis, but I have a definite white sheen on top and some big nasty bubbles. I'll post a picture once I figure out what to do with this batch. On reflection I'm not worried about using the glass bottles again, but I am worried about future contamination with this bottling wand. So that's why I'm hesitant to keep using this lbk and trying to limit what is exposed to this beer.
  7. I should also say, I'll probably throw out this lbk? Although it is 8 years old, it's not been particularly heavily used. Is it better safe than sorry, or do you think a bleach soak would do the trick? I also am not gonna use the bottling wand. And is it ok to reuse the glass bottles with a bleach soak? I'm using my commerical 12 oz bottles so I won't be upset if they explode.
  8. Hey all, Started brewing with Mr. Beer nearly 8 years ago. Gave up the hobby for nearly a decade and now back at it. I made a prickly pear ale based on Mr. Beers old cherry tart recipe with the American lager extract and pale lme. Instead of cherries I added my own prickly pear syrup from frozen and crushed prickly pears (added at the 8 day mark). All was fine, and at the 17 day mark I dry hopped citra hops in a muslin bag that had been boiled for five minutes. Now at day 21 I check and there is an infection! Was it the hops? Was it the prickly pear that I did not pasteurize (next time I'll use campden tablets)? Was it just opening the top and letting in oxygen/bacteria? Who knows. What I do know is I have a very good looking pellicle on the top of my lbk that I did not plan for. The good news is I just sampled the beer, and there is no off smell I can detect. In fact, this is without a doubt the best tasting beer straight out of the lbk I've ever had. I'm not sure what if anything the infection is doing, but I'm getting a good clean crisp taste, nice citra hop aroma, and nothing off that I can detect. Based on expertise gleaned from these forums, I have decided to forgo the cold crashing and go ahead and bottle straight away today. I'm posting to ask if there are any special precautions I should take bottling? Should I leave extra beer in the keg so that the pellicle doesn't get sucked into the bottles? Any tips and advice would be appreciated, and of course if bottling this is a bad idea please let me know! Edited to add - I will be keeping the bottles in a coleman cooler in case they do explode. Gonna give them two weeks to carbonate and refrigerate them immediately so they don't explode hopefully.
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