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  1. There are various beer in the Indian market and these are the top favorite and are mostly sold. [attachment=8502]b7.jpg[/attachment] Stella Artois - Nobody can challenge the Belgians. The six-century-old Belgian brew comes with the light; full-bodied taste which is has all the beer worth in the world. [attachment=8503]b4.jpg[/attachment] Hoegaarden - This creamy Belgian wheat beer hits the top of the charts as it comes with its hints of orange peel, coriander and spice. [attachment=8504]b1.jpg[/attachment] Asahi – Real clean, crisp and dry beer is manufactured with yeast, ingredients and technology that all live up to impossibly high Japanese standards. [attachment=8505]b3.jpg[/attachment] Foster Beer – The Australian beer with a rewarding vibe from its home country, this lager is full-bodied, malty and eminently drinkable. [attachment=8506]b8.jpg[/attachment] Heineken- Heinekin is a Dutch (Holland) based company. The product they are most famous for is a German Pilsner style beer. The toasted malts and mild fruitiness of this pale gold lager make it a favorite among the youth. [attachment=8507]b5.png[/attachment] Kingfisher – Kingfisher is more famous for the glamour and aplomb hinting to the high lifestyle choice. And this light, refreshing beverage is a choice we can get behind. [attachment=8508]b9.jpg[/attachment] Peroni – This is an Italian lager, like Mama’s recipe for bolognaise sauce, is still brewed as it was back in 1963 [attachment=8509]b2.jpg[/attachment] Budweiser - Beyond its fresh, light taste, the single best reason to drink Bud is to transport you back to those good old college days. Schneider Weisse – Is a full-bodied, slightly fruity with a mild bitter aftertaste – the perfect way to wash down all that bratwurst. Other than these top beers even Kings Beer, Tiger Beer, London Pride, Kotsberg, San Miguel Pale Pilsen is also trying to make it on to the chart and they are popular in some regions of India.
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