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  1. "brewrookie" post=317698 said:okay, I'm off the high ABV kick thanks to you & Manosteel... but I can't do light... just can't do it... "Low" ABV does not mean light. Popular light beers are light because of the high proportion of adjuncts used to brew them. When you make a 4.5% beer with all malt, it is not light at all.
  2. I like Nottingham, its very neutral and it has a very low temperature threshold for an ale yeast, so it ferments very cleanly.
  3. I think you will risk oxidizing the beer trying to pour it back into keg. Maybe just add a bit of sugar to each bottle and recap? I have never done this myself, so maybe someone else with first had experience can chime in.
  4. If it has been in the keg for 21 days go ahead and bottle it, than leave the bottles in your basement for a few more weeks. That off flavor will continue to dissipate while conditioning in the bottles.
  5. You should try out qbrew or hopville.com if you haven't already. It will help you nail down the hop addition times and give you an idea of the OG and IBU you should expect. The links in my sig go to recipes I made on hopville.
  6. I use gymrats method. It gets most of the crud out, plus it does a great job of aerating the wort at the same time.
  7. This link should help you get the values right in Qbrew. Screwy Brewer 80 IBU sounds like a lot unless it is a really big beer. As far as yeast goes, the only stout I have made I used Nottingham dry ale yeast, it was good IMO, other might have better suggestions on that front.
  8. Your best best is to use a beer calc program like Qbrew or hopville.com to find out how much LME / DME you want to use. Its all about the OG and hop to malt ratio you want to get.
  9. Here is one I am planning on doing soon. I changed up the ingredient list a bit to match what you have. Norther Pale Ale
  10. @Norman_1957 Yes, you should have let the bottles sit at room temp for a few weeks. Once you put the bottles in the fridge the yeast go to sleep and carbonation pretty much stops. If you have any left just take it out of the fridge and once it warms back up it will continue to carbonate. Just a question, when you say "carbonation for 8 days" what do you mean?
  11. I recently bottled a batch that was very similar to that, I pulled one into the fridge after a week and it was awesome! I used Safbrew S-33 and fermented kinda warm, so I got some fruity notes from It, it blends really well with the malt and hops.
  12. I have not compared the same exact brew both ways. I would not recommend overfilling unless you have added some extra malt extract to account for the gravity loss from the the extra water. I have not used the Mr. Beer HMEs when over filling, but by adding a pound of LME you should still get a similar OG after filling it up a bit I would imagine.
  13. Hey guys, I have worked up this recipe and was hoping for some feedback. I would like to impart some vanilla flavor to this and was thinking about adding some extract at secondary. Any idea how much I should use? Thanks for any input! Dark Coffee Stout
  14. If you want to get the old HME's from Kmart you will have to go to a B&M location, they are all on clearance such as Mr. Beer doesn't make them any more. Its a crap shoot if they will have any or not.
  15. Amazon is still selling some of the old cans, i have also heard that K-Mart and bed bath and beyond may still have some in stock.
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