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  1. I actually bought a hydrometer but need to learn how to use it! Is there video somewhere you reccomend? I feel like I did it wrong. And how do you test during fermentation...just pull some off the tap?
  2. Wow that is a steep drop from the 2+ they reccomend. Thanks for the math!
  3. Ok as usual the collecive wisdom is rapid and immense here. To recap...I actually should follow prescribed sugar priming amounts, however, I need to ferment, in general, at least 3 weeks, and then bottle condition four 4 weeks. Si?
  4. So I should be bottle conditioning for four weeks? Is this for jus tthis recipe or all? Man I am not sure I can wait!!!
  5. Ok thanks guys. So: I folowed the 2,2,2 rule. 2 weeks in LBK, 2 weeks in Bottle @ 68F and 2 days in Fridge. I will say now at day 4 in fridge it is a bit better.
  6. Ok so I am drinking batch #2, Surly Dog IPA, which would be actually a pretty damn good beer EXCEPT for two things...too much carbonation and a subtle cider taste. Keep in mind the first batch of American Pale came out wicked cidery and at the advice of you guys I dropped the sugar priming amounts on the IPA to 1.5 tsp. per bottle. Right now I have a batch or American IPA conditioning in the bottle and a batch of the Quad in the Keg. I swear to god if these two come our cidery I am done...unless someone has a solution. :shoot: :smash:
  7. So if you feel they are high what would you recomend for a 1 liter? I will say my American Pale Ale was on the side of too carbonated.
  8. Alright awesome thnks guys. I just wasn't sure because the recipe did not explicitly state one way or the other.
  9. It is bottling night for my Surly Dog IPA and I am not sure whether I need to add the sugar to each bottle or not?????
  10. So the Surly Dog recipe mentions adding the U-05 yeast but the recipe ingredients list mentions the two regular packets that come under the lids. Do I use just the U-05 yeast or all?
  11. I just ordered Surly Dog IPA...am I missing something here?
  12. Yes I did taste it and it was flat beer...I think:)
  13. Ok awesome thanks guys. So at 5 days into bottle conditioning should I be seeing any activity in the bottles?
  14. I had to lookup "trub":) Yes there was certainly a layer of sediment, beige colored on the bottom. It was almost peanut butter-esque in consistency.
  15. Hi all. My first round of this and I followed directions correclty I believe. My worry is after two weeks I went to bottle and there was little to no foam in the LBK. Is it possible the yeast was inactive? I went ahaed and bottled this past Sunday and so far there is no signs of fermentation. No bubbles of activity whatsoever.
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