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  1. Thank you all for the recipes and advice. I went with the pumpkin porter. Thanks FIT. And it went a little something like this. Quantity Grain Type Use 1.00 lb Briess DME - Traditional Dark 1.00 lb Briess DME - Pilsen Light 0.22 lb Brown Sugar 1.21 lb MrB. High Country Canadian Draft Quantity Misc Notes Mr. Beer Ale Yeast (2 Packets) 1.0 teaspoon Cin. 1.0 teaspoon Ginger 2 C Long Island Wheel of Cheese Pumpkin Puree (homemade) roasted for 45min @350. I took the DMEs past hard break. Added 1/2 of the cin, the ginger and pumpkin. boiled past hard break for 20 minutes. took off flame. Added remained of spices, HCCD, and brown sugar. mixed to combine. put in keg added water to fill line. Added remainder pumpkin puree. aerated. pitched yeast. aerated. now we wait. Happy Brewing.
  2. Thanks for all of the advise. I think i might have to make the trip to a beer supply store to find the DME. I don't think i can pass on making that pumpkin porter. Off to a beer supply store and then brewing tonight or tomorrow.
  3. Hey Everybody, New brewer here. I've made one successful batch with the basic mr. beer kit and now i'm looking to get crazy. And pumpkins make me crazy. I want to try a pumpkin lager. I have the archived recipe from the MB site that goes something like this: 1 can West Coast Pale Ale HME 1 Can Mellow amber UME 1 pkt dry yeast 1/2 C Brown sugar 1 C pumpkin puree 2 t Cinnamon 1/2 t Nutmeg. So the non-MR products are not a problem. I cook my own pumpkin every year and freeze it. I am going to use this as the pumpkin base but I need some advice. Here is what i have: 1 Can High Country Canadian Draft HME 1 Can West Coast Pale Ale HME 1 Can Cowboy Golden Lager HME 1 Can Pale Extract UME 2 booster packs Does anyone see a possible good pumpkin beer out of this? I was thinking maybe the West Coast and the Pale Export but I haven't brewed with all of these before so I am unsure of the flavor profiles. Thanks for all your help and I am looking forward to letting you all know how it turns out. RW
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