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  1. "yankeedag" post=311904 said: "Awesome Ale Brewery" post=311894 said:Brewed my Stone IPA clone today....recipe said a SG of 1.061....I got 1.040 Smells good and I love the hop smell it puts off. If this is 75% close to the real Stone IPA and be like 4% I will be happy. Now to wait a week to dry hop the last oz of hops. what kind of "process" did you use and why did you only get 40/61? It was an extract with speciality grains receipe I found from HomeBrewStuff. it used 6 lbs of Light LME along with the grains. I tied off the muslin sac kinda tight on the grains.....I am wondering now if I need to tie it off loosely so the grains can move around. I also tied my hops for the hop boils off tight. Not sure if that made a difference or not. The airlock has been bubbling for over 2 days now, so the yeast is hard at work. I'r dry hopping the last ounce of hops on Monday.
  2. Brewed my Stone IPA clone today....recipe said a SG of 1.061....I got 1.040 Smells good and I love the hop smell it puts off. If this is 75% close to the real Stone IPA and be like 4% I will be happy. Now to wait a week to dry hop the last oz of hops.
  3. I found a Stone IPA kit I hope to brew this weekend. If it is anywhere near the real Stone IPA, I will be stoked. I would not mind trying this recipe either. I liked the Stone Levitation when I tried it. I am finishing up my Autumn Amber Ale now.
  4. I took another reading last Saturday....still the same reading. I went ahead and stirred it a bit. I had a pack (2g) dry yeast from the old Mr. Beer Canadian Draft so I pitched that yeast. I am going to let it ride and take another reading on Saturday. If it is the same still, I will just bottle it. It won't be a very good ABV though.
  5. Hopefully all is well. My girlfriend just texted and said we have airlock activity again. I think the fermentation popped the seal on the lid after the 1st 48 hrs. I sealed it back up last night after taking the reading and now it is bubbling again. No worries hopefully. Like my 1st few 2 gallon batches, I am sure I will have some more silly questions with my 5 gallon batches. Thanks guys!
  6. I did not rehydrate the yeast before I pitched it (will try that with next batch). I still have it in the primary 6.5 gallon fermentation bucket (no carboy), so I was afraid to stir it and get the trub in the bottom stirred up again. Should I sterilize my spoon tonight and go ahead and stir it up?
  7. I brewed my 1st 5 gallon batch of Amber Ale on 11/17/12 and got an OG of 1.042. Just took my 1st SG since brewing and it was 1.022. There is no activity in the airlock since about 48 hrs after pitching yeast. Should I be worried my yeast is done? I don't see it dropping to 1.010-1.012 in 5 more days. I have a pack of the old Mr. Beer yeast from a can of Canadian Draft. Should I pitch that yeast? I used the Munton's dry yeast that came with my kit. Fermenation temp has been 64-69 degrees. HELP PLEASE!!!! On a side note, it tasted really good. Still cloudy, but a good color and smell. I got an IPA coming tomorrow to brew up after I bottle this 1st batch.
  8. "Chuck N" post=290790 said:I thought you were talking about something like this: [attachment=9132]piggy.jpg[/attachment] HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....this almost killed me!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  9. "arrogant_bastard" post=293613 said:Talking about das boot... http://www.youtube.com/user/vat19com?v=zuDtACzKGRs That was 1:50 mins of pure laughter.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  10. "piscator" post=293516 said:Every time I think of taking 6er or case somewhere, I realize just how much of my pipeline that represents...... :ohmy: And that idea quickly goes away. Almost ten weeks to replace every bottle. Kinda puts a dent on the giveaways. This is my drinking buddy that helped supply me with bottles and who helped open my eyes to craft beers and what GOOD beer is. Gotta pay him back somehow! I brewed the DIPA just for him. If he likes it, he get all of it. :stout:
  11. My BAA turned out GREAT!!!! My girlfriend and I both like it. I got friends that want to try it, but I want it all for myself....hehehe. Gonna take a 6er of BAA and DIPA to my buddy for a "professional" opinion soon. I will have to brew this one again soon. Just seems like 2 gallons go pretty quick.
  12. It is not bad, just not my cup of tea. I like Sierra Nevada, but I don't like Red Hoptober. This one IMO is almost a Red Hoptober. I can drink it, but I don't want to. I brewed this for a Hophead friend, so he should be in heaven. I doubt I do this one again.
  13. Thanks guys....removing all 4 batches now...the oldest 2 batches should be ok....i think i need to test 1 of each right now to make sure though. YOU GUYS ARE LIFE SAVERS!!!! I was freaking out that I had killed my beer babies!
  14. I have them glass bottles, so i can't "feel" the carbonation. I figured it would be like cold crashing the LBK for a few days before bottling..... Would you take out the 4 newest batches? I have removed the 2 newest batches.
  15. I put a thermometer in my garage fridge to monitor the inside temp since I turned the thermostat to the warmest estting. I was planning on using it to carb/condition my batches. I monitored for 3 days and the temp. stayed between 66-72. So I loaded it down with 6 batches and was happy. NOW THE PROBLEM The thermometer was set on INSIDE and not OUTSIDE (it has a probe at the end of wire). The inside temp was 45 degrees!!!! I have 2 batches that were 2 weeks carbing and 1 week conditioning when they went in. I have 2 batches that were 2 weeks carbing when they went in. Then I have 2 batches that were 1 week carbing when they went in. They have been in there for about 4-5 days. CAN I PULL THEM OUT AND LET THEM CARB/CONDITION AT ROOM TEMP AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN CHILLED? I am hoping the yeast will just wake back up and go back to work, but I am new to this and have no idea. The 2 newest batches I tasted. One was drinkable, the other was not carbed very well yet. One of the 2 weeks carbed batches tasted ok too. NEED HELP QUICK....I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!!!
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