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  1. Hey All, I tasted my beer tonight. My brother was over and had him taste them too. I followed the 2-2-2, also been in the fridge for over 2 weeks. My double chocolate stout tasted like a tin can my brother said, the caramel, cappucuinno, vanilla porter was very bitter to me. The prince Ludwig Lager i did not like. Only thing i liked was the blueberry pale ale. Guess i should go back to making regular batches without adding stuff to them. But i am now interested in making wine! Thanks.
  2. Dog drool cider sounds interesting. Can you PM me about it? Thanks.
  3. "berryman" post=287768 said:Looks good, would like one in front of me right now to sample. How long in the fridge? and did you do a slow pour? lot of head, but nothing wrong with that I like it. Give that one some more conditioning time and I bet you will like even better. Thanks. This was 12 days in the fridge. It was a vigirous pour to see how much head, i always do that with a new beer. It is time tonight to do another taste test lol.
  4. It will get better, and you will spend more money, you will make more and better beer, finally, you will have to buy a seperate fridge just for your beer! You will also have more friends too lol.
  5. The original pics look better, these were downsized to 25%, so do not look as clear.
  6. The head was great, it looked great, but the taste was not there yet. It did not taste like anything, so thinking it needs more time. I was anxious to try it though. Put one in the fridge this morning. Thanks all. [attachment=8988]MyBeer0031068x712.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=8989]MyBeer0111068x712.jpg[/attachment]
  7. Sounds like you be a great addition to the borg!
  8. I got the e-mail today. Have always wanted to try the barrel bourbon porter.
  9. Thanks everybody for your replies. Will take pics of my stout and porter this weekend. I am sure they will still be young, bottled on 09/09 so just over 2 weeks in the bottle. A double chocolate stout and a caramel, vanilla, cappacuino porter. Thanks.
  10. [attachment=8970]MySnake0011068x712.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=8971]MySnake0041068x712.jpg[/attachment] This is my WCPA with blueberries. Bottled on 09/01. 10 days in fridge. taste a lot better than a week ago. I do not like pale ales, but came with the kit. Now i need to put some of my stout and porter in the fridge, really anxious to try them.
  11. "russki" post=286617 said:You may also want to take a look at Graff - lightly hopped malted cider. Mine is still carbing up, but the taste at bottling was excellent. It's semi-sweet, appley and caramely, with just a tiny touch of hops. It sounds great! Please let us know how it comes out. As i stated in my other reply, doing 2 batches of cider tomorrow, one plain and one with DME and hops. I may have to make yours too in the future. Thank You.
  12. "SmokeDiver3zero" post=286614 said:I would start out with a smaller batch. If you are trying to make the Woodchuck/AngryOrchard/Hornsby's type of cider - it's gonna be pretty hard. I have been trying to get the perfect apple drink for a couple of years. Most turn out with a high ABV, but no apple taste. I had NO luck with the MB recipes with the Archers and even tried a couple twice. My best batch, and it was 50%, if that - was a light ale with apple extract added at bottling time. :chug: Thanks. I like the Hornsby's but know i can not make it. Like their amber cider better than the geen apple. I also tried archers but there was no ABV in it. I am going to try what Taz advised me on. He bottles using one gallon of apple juice and one can of apple juice concentrate, it helps add the apple flavor. No sugar added to bottles. Thanks.
  13. "Joechianti" post=286597 said:Nash, I saw this post a couple days ago, but since I never made an apple ale, I didn't respond. Now that I see nobody else said anything, I guess whatever I throw out there is better than nothing. Hope I'm not too late. Sorry. Here's a link to an old MR Beer recipe that might help you gel your idea: Dutch Apple Ale Hit the 'Instruction' tab for the list of ingredients. I've been working on a hard apple cider recipe for my wife, who hates the taste of alcohol, so that's quite a challenge right there. But your apple ale thing sounds pretty interesting. If I happen to stumble across anything good in the future, I'll certainly post it. Good luck with yours! Thanks Joe! I came back today to see if i had a replies yet. I am thinking i will just do a light ale and add apple juice to it. Instead of 2 quarts like the dutch apple ale recipe, i will try one gallon instead. And some amber DME, that's all i have laying around right now. Doing the 2.5 gallon cider tomorrow, will also use the other half of my DME in there and hops in a hop sack. Also doing another cider without adding anything to it, besides 2 cups of brown sugar. Thanks.
  14. A lot of us older people, as in using the old MRB products, do not use Booster. I add DME instead of booster. Dme adds more flavor, malt and taste than booster. The more dme you use, the higher the abv too. As well as sugar, but dme is a lot better. Too much plain sugar will add a more cidery, thinner beer. You need more malt than sugar. Hope this makes sense.
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