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  1. Almost all of the big brewers use hop extracts. It is a lot easier to maintain batch to batch consistency and also a lot easier to store at their facilities that are the size of a small city.
  2. Let us know what you find about making a starter using high abv fluids.
  3. FYI cant remember if it was mentioned but a lot of people apply paper labels with milk as it makes them easy to remove. I aint goona stick a sticker on a bottle that I spent a ton of time trying to get the stupid label off of.
  4. Awww, it's so fun watching Rick retaliate. Ruined my day Dawg....
  5. The big problem of sitting on the yeast cake is with the Big Boys who have very tall and narrow fermenters, so you are putting a lot of wort on a small footprint. Us wee guys do not have that problem for the most part. I have never done two batches side by side to see if there is a difference. That being said, when in doubt I secondary because I have the secondaries.
  6. I recommend anything having to do with brewing and you can't go wrong. I like reading all the back issues of BYO and recently picked up a used copy of Homebrewing For Dummies just because I haven't read it yet.
  7. If you can let it set for a few days full that is the ticket. I then dump about half of the solution out (non scented whatever) and shake the bejeepers outta it. In most cases it then only requires a quick rub on some trouble spots, another shake, rinse, and voila.
  8. If you use a spray bottle a gallon will last almost forever. I used to do the dunk-n-slosh and save the solution. Now I use the sprayer and just dump it as I use so little.
  9. That is so you get the free shipping on anything over $25 I guess. For sanitizing, another member liked using wall paper hanging trays as they are nice and long and good for things like tubing, siphons, etc. I simply use a five gallon pail. But thanks for the reminder. I pitched a bunch of tubs like that and wanted to pick a few back out before garbage gets picked up tomorrow.
  10. Dry erase would come off on your hands. For bottles I dont plan on giving out for special occasions I simply put a number on the cap and have an Excel spreadsheet pinned to both my brew fridge and pantry. So easy that even my wife now asks for me to get here a beer by the number.
  11. I plan on picking up a whole bunch of dextrin for my extract brewing before moving as I am not sure if I will have a good source for steeping grains nor will I have the time.
  12. That is one reason I love BeerSmith - following the brew day instructions. As a private pilot I've learned the value of having check lists. And they seem to be more beneficial for the simple stuff than the difficult as when running an AG batch I have to stop and think of every step whereas MrB has become second nature. And yes, priming is also my downfall as I batch prime large batches and bottle prime small batches so it is all too easy for me to forget the bottle priming step.
  13. A lot will depend on what you are expecting. If you are expecting a Dogfish Head 120, there will be no flavor. If you are a Bud Light drinker, the flavor will be overpowering. Also, remember that there is a difference between flavor and aroma.
  14. I use StarSan for equipment cleaning and OneStep for bottle cleaning unless I am doing both on the same day. I prefer OneStep for bottles simply because I am a bit messy and StarSan is caustic so really dont want to wear gloves nor push my luck.
  15. Oh, its a great base. Just too many people either expect it to 1) taste like a Bud Light, or 2) kick you in the butt like Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA so get disappointed. What I was saying is it is a very simple brew so very hard to screw up unless you really try.
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