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  1. I e-mailed them two weeks ago no such luck on a answer.
  2. Not to take over a thread I have not ordered one of these fermenter's yet I was wondering what is the whole size where the spout goes. Can it be replaced with a diff spout.
  3. That's what I thought. Thank's
  4. How about hops added at flame out do they go in the fermenter or get removed all will be in bags.
  5. Whoops misspell stupid phones buttons to small.
  6. After boil has completed do the bittering hops get removed or go into fermenter..
  7. Thank's guy's I didn't think that was bad. Temp fell from 153-148.
  8. Is a 5 degree temperature drop in a 90min mash acceptable.
  9. I have brewed it twice first time it kicked off to hot was not worth drinking second time turned out pretty good. Condition a min of 8 weeks as far as dry hopping will only make it better.
  10. This has nothing to do with cooler's but how do you guy's measure the water you use accurately.
  11. Thanks that is pretty handy.
  12. Will a five gallon drink cooler be large enough to do a eight pound grain bill. Thank's
  13. Do you use it for 5 gallon batch's.
  14. What one do you'all use. High or low dollar.
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