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  1. i bought the kit last year but at anyrate i added some booster into the brew. so now i guess i sit back and wait. wish me luck guys lol. i dont hold high hopes for this batch but i plan on doing alot more reading and searching the web so my second batch so be worlds better. thanks for all the info edit: also does anyone have a pdf link to the book that comes with the kits i checked the website but apprently theres a diffrent book it comes with other then that. the book on the website doesnt really give deatiled info about anything.
  2. its been about 1 day not even since i brewed it at midnightish yesterday so it would be safe to take the cap off then and stir some of the booster in as long as its the same temp as the worth in the lbk and yes for the priming but thanks for the info
  3. so i followed the instructions and the youtube video. well since its getting to be october i figured id tried making the octoberfest vienna lager. but the thing is neither the youtube video or the instruction booklet. Told me to add the booster to the hme. so i well didnt lol i just used purified water the hme and yest no booster. so did i screw up the whole thing or am i in the clear? i dont have alot of experience with brewing this will be my first batch lol. but i did look around the fourm and internet i saw it both ways with and without the booster. also instead of using plain white suger has anyone tried dark brown suger ?
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