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  1. i had a batch of red ale that had a sour taste to it and it was really cloudy, i waited it out and bottled about 1 month and 12 days ago, cracked one yesterday and i think its the best beer ive ever tasted!!!! i dont do the 2 gallon lbk i do five gallons at a time with my lbk as the test one, just incase i dont like what i brewed not alot goes to waste. wait it out and im sure it will turn out great!!!!
  2. Ok all i always have about a thousand ideas runnin through my head at any given time, but for some reason i cant think of a brew to make. i do 5 gallon batches and tend to like a beer that is somewhat bitter but not overpowering, im open to all ideas so if you have a different kind of beer that you have came up with and dont mind sharing plz share. mr beer kits arent avaiable in my area and i dont feel like ordering off here, so thats what i have to work with lol. Thanks in advance.
  3. I have a thing of classic american light for a stanard lbk brew, i want to add lime juice to get a hint of lime but im not sure how much to use and when to put it in, do i add it while boiling or when itransfer to the keg, any help?
  4. Twiztid4life, fellow juggalo here, i would advise getting that hydrometer as soon as you can and before you even start your next batch. I brewed 5 gallons of Austrilian pale ale and bottled at 8 days, it tastes fine to me but as the borg says let it sit for about a month and then try one, i get 30 liters out a 5 gallon batch and test every week after they have been in the bottle for a month just so i get an idea of how much better they are with age. Good luck on your brew and may your next batch be better than you could have ever thought. Whoop Whoop
  5. lol i agree secondarys are a pain in the ass but with an auto shiphon it makes it a lil easier, i use a seconday to help get rid of the sediment floating on the top. According to Qbrew this should turn out @ about 6.2% abvso not terriably high. Im thinkin about givin it a shot at a month in the bottles, got my pipeline goin so 1 month wouldnt hurt. Thanks for the input guys.
  6. FIT, yes i was in the Army, never had the chance to be stationed overseas, but while on my way to, back to the states and then back again, i had the chance to go to Germany, Ireland, Russia, Italy, Eygpt, Romania, Manas, and a bunch of others while in Afghnaistan. and Oly i think is who it was, if ya dont mind parting with a few i can give you my email address and you can send the pics there, once i get my household goods back from army storage i will take a pic of all my items i aquired while serving.
  7. Thanks guys, Christ872, is that recipe for a 2 gallon batch, and if so would i have to double evrything to make a 5 gallon batch? I go icefishin everyday with 4 of my buddies so i would need kind abit of brew lol, thanks for the recipe.
  8. 7 Lbs Plain Light LME (anybrand) 1 lb Light Honey (clover or alfalfa) 1/2 Crystal Maly 60L 2 oz Black Malt 2 oz Cascade Hops (boiling) 1 oz Saaz Hops (finishing) 1 oz Freshly Grated Gingerroot 6 in Stick of Cinnamon or 3tsp Ground cinnamon Grated orange peels from 4 oranges American Ale-type Yeast. Mash the crushed Crystal and black malt at 150-160 degrees for 30 minutes. add LME, Honey, and boiling hops to a boil and boil for 60 mins. With 5 mins left in the boil add the aroma hops. Pour hot wort into 5 gallon fermentor with 2 gallons of water to cool, top off to 5 gallons. Once cooled to 75 degrees pitch yeast. 1 week primary 1 week secondary 1 week bottles.
  9. Well my first beeris drinkable, now its time to get my pipe line goin. what recipe do you guys think are good, i like all kinds of beers so im not that picky just not a real bitter kinda guy. i do five gallon batches so thats what i have to work with.
  10. True what Wings_fan_in_KC said, i had five gallons of Aulstilian pale ale that had no krausen at all but lots of trub, just craked my first bottle today and boy is it good, a bit on the bitter side but still good, while my Irish stout has krausen like theres no tomorrow, some just act different, i thought the same thing until i found out that trub is a good thing. Dont worry, relax, have a homebrew, if you dont have any homebrew then store bought should work. :cheers:
  11. i gotchya lol, i got this book called The Joy of Homebrewing, and ive tweaked some of the recipes in there, like a 9% german dopplebock i call it give me a dopple dopple, cheesy and lame i know but it sounds good lol, with the help of qbrew and you guys on here i find it easier to tweak recipes. Anyways i hope your Mr. Weizenbock turns out great!! :cheers:
  12. Dont sound to bad man, thanks for sharin, if your into weiznbock i have a pretty good recipe that runs me about 30 dollars at my LHBS, a bit on the high side of ABV but it tastes pretty darn good. If you want it let me know and ill be happy to share with ya.
  13. i had the white house honey ale in the army and all i can is wow. Everything is balanced perfect.
  14. Thank you guys, im in Utah and dont feel like goig to the liqour store to get beer that is higher than 3.2% and im not a big liqour drinker, i think i may just do the dark winter ale and add a few spices, and see how that works out.
  15. your reading does seem a little low, however with you getting it a little to cool in the ice bath (below 60 degrees) you would have to subtract a few points, My hydrometer sasys that if my wort is below 60 degrees and is at 50 degrees i would have to subtract .005 points, how low did you get it?
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