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  1. Just finished doing a 12# with a nylon bag. Was nervous pulling it out after the mash, but it held up just fine.
  2. "Brewbirds" post=389589 said: So basically as-planned except mash for 90 instead of 60. The boil is for 90 minutes although your hops would still only be 60. Get a rolling boil going, boil for 30 minutes add hops, boil for 60 more minutes. :cheers: Okay I was confused. Still mash the grains for 60 minutes but boil for 90, right?
  3. "Wings_Fan_In_KC" post=389503 said:Remember in a Marzen, it's all about the malt. Flavor and aroma hops are used sparingly. If ever, which is why I only have bittering :chug:Also, I've been toying around with the idea of using an ale yeast, I've heard of successful batches this way. I only bring it up because while I have a dedicated fridge, I don't have a proper temperature control mechanism just yet, and by the time I buy/build one, it'll be too late to brew a proper lager. Anyone use an ale yeast for a lager type and have a good recommendation?
  4. So basically as-planned except mash for 90 instead of 60. Got it! Thanks everyone. P.S. a kilogram is a proper unit of measure :-P much easier to do the maths with it. Also equal to 2.2lbs or 35.273 ounces or 0.157473 stones.
  5. I've already seen a flaw - I'm using caramunich which != munich.
  6. Here's the recipe so far (23L batch), trying to follow the guidelines from here. This will be my first partial mash (I've done extract and AG, but never the mix). 2kg Munich I 0.5kg Vienna Malt 1kg Plain Light DME 1.5kg Pilsner Malt 2oz Hallertauer @ 60 Saflager S-23 (2 sachets) The question I have, is do I mash all the grains for the typical 60 minutes, then start the boil as normal, and just throw the DME in at the last 15 minutes? Seems like that should be the way it's done, but would that dilute the hops a bit (although it's not a big of an issue for a marzen). Also note that my boil size is only going to be 12 litres (1/2 the total batch size). How will that affect everything? Also, any pointers on the recipe? Thanks Borg! :borg:
  7. I'll have to have a taste when I get home tonight. I'm guessing if it tastes sweet, then there are still sugars in there and I should pitch another pack of yeast.
  8. Would there be any negative affects if I pitched more yeast and it really was finished fermenting, giving the new yeast nothing to do?
  9. As always, thanks for the help. This has been extremely enlightening. I've never actually read what different temperatures do to grains while mashing before.
  10. I've used US-05 and have gotten no krausen, but plenty of trub. Most times for me it takes less than 24 hours pitching dry.
  11. "BigPapaG" post=387284 said: Is there a bigger version of this graph I can check out?Edit: Nevermind - Google to the rescue http://missionarybrewer.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/enzyme_activity_one_hour_mash.jpg So it seems that 153 is the ideal mash temperature then, eh? Unless you want to specifically get more mouthfeel, then you mash higher?
  12. Thanks everyone for the help. This was my first AG so there's still a lot to learn, and this was definitely a good learning experience. I'll check the gravity again in a couple days and if it hasn't changed I'll cold crash (finally got a dedicated fridge) and then bottle. Gymrat - you're right, I didn't have any bittering hops. I probably should have. I'll see how it turns out and adjust if I decide to brew this again.
  13. What should it generally be at? If it makes any difference, I think the majority of the 60 minutes was at 155.
  14. For those asking, I mashed at 155-160F for 60 minutes.
  15. Well hopefully it works out for both of us Phil. I saw your post just after I posted this one.
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