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  1. Just received my order for 4 refills of the American Craft Series Ales, and brewed up some Winter Dark Ale. Looking forward to schluucking it down. Should I wait any longer than 2 weeks before bottling it?
  2. Dear Yankfan, I feel your pain, don't forget to swisher around the wort bro!
  3. Can you get better, more flavorful beers by using twice the HME and no booster? If so, does this work generally, or just with some varieties?
  4. BigPapaG, Thanks, I put into PET bottles, (not much pressure after only a day in the growlers. I used twice the amount of sugar to prime as the MrBeer instructions say, but your recommendation suggests that the MrBeer priming amounts are excessive as well, is that correct?
  5. I bought 2, (should have gotten 4), glass growler jugs which are 64 Oz size. I screwed up and put 8 tsps. of granulated sugar in each growler jug for priming the West Coast Ale. Will the excess primer make glass jugs explode? It's been 30 hours since the ale was bottled. I can't believe what a dopey brewer I am, The growlers look like gallon size jugs.
  6. I appreciate the help, it's going to be fun to learn the technical aspects and art of making home brew. I have another question, since the flotsam in the barrel indicates that I did not kill off the yeast. I used the MRBeer booster in the wort, do I still need to put 2 1/2 tsp. of granulated sugar in each qt. bottle? [i noticed that the instructions for several beer/ale recipes don't call for booster/adjuncts.] Also, I was wondering if I used molasses rather than granulated sugar in the bottling phase, how much should I use per qt. bottle? Thanks in advance from a rookie.
  7. In my haste to start my first batch of Mr.Beer Octoberfest, I put the yeast into the wort but did not wait 5 minutes before stirring. Did I ruin it already?
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