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  1. Someone (Fedora Dave?) started a thread before the forum change, which I can't find now, talking about dry hopping in the last day or two in the fermenter. There seemed to be some pretty sound reasoning behind it. I've got an IPA cold crashing now that I only dry hopped for 2 days prior to putting in the fridge, so I guess in 4 weeks I'll have some data on the technique.
  2. I first waded into the LME/DME pool by trying some of the suggestions in this thread - Schooling with the Nong and Friends-beginning brew I still do the occasional MrB recipe, usually when there is a sale (Like now!), but I now primarily do extracts from my LHBS and just did my first AG BIAB this past weekend. There is so much help available on this forum that you can't go wrong taking the next step in your brewing evolution. Best of luck!
  3. Well, Russki just helped resolve an internal debate I've been having in front of the store beer cooler the last few weekends. Keep looking at the Magic Hat variety 12 pack, but the hibiscus-cucumber keeps scaring me off. Best of luck to Screwy on his endeavour though.
  4. Thanks for the link Sam, bookmarked! I'm really wanting to get this one right, so I'm thinking when the current batch has reached whatever FG it settles on, I'm going to re-brew (at 150 mash temp this time) and pitch on top of half the current yeast cake, and wash the remainder so I can have some Nottingham on hand. I'll need to review the washing threads, but I've never pitched on top of a yeast cake in an LBK, any one have any pointers? Thanks
  5. BB, the recipe actually calls for Nottingham, which is what I pitched. thanks
  6. Thanks for the replies philm00x and BL. Not sure why I was thinking 170 for the strike temp, maybe I got it confused with the sparge temp... Wonder if there is anything I can do at his point to dry it out some, like adding sugar? Probably not a good idea though. Guess I'll pitch the yeast and see where the FG ends up. Thanks again.
  7. so today I try my hand at BIAB with a 2.5 gallon centennial blonde, but mash temp was 162 after an hour. should have figured 5# of grain would not drop 170 degree strike water as much as 10#. any thoughts on what I can expect from the Borg thanks
  8. So any recommendations what CO2 volume to shoot for when priming?
  9. +1 for Chris' point on the hop boil. I didn't mention that I used the DME to bring in the Falconers Flight hop boil from the El Diablo Blanco recipe.
  10. The El Diablo Blanco IPA recipe Link, comes with a DME SoftPak, so it is dooable. That said I added 1/2lb of extra light DME to mine. It came out with an OG of 1.079, but I topped up the LBK a little and it came in at 1.069. Took an FG yesterday, and it got down to 1.012, so I cold crashed and will bottle this weekend. I don't expect to be able to crack one open till the end of June though, so I can't yet speak to how it will come out.
  11. So today marked 24 days in the LBK for my variation on this one. I added 1/2 pound of extra light DME instead of the LME softpack the recipe calls for. Did a 25min boil of 1/2oz Falconers Flight and another 1/2oz dry hop 16 days in. OG was 1.079 originally, though I topped up the LBK some and brought it to 1.069. FG today came out to 1.012, which kind of surprised me considering the average number posted and my last experience with T-58 bottoming out at 1.018 in a 1.071 OG beer. Might have been that I kept it around 72 the last week? Who knows. Cold crashing now, bottling this weekend. If I had to throw a dart in the IBU board I'd guesstimate around 45-50ish, which is very subjective. I did pick up on the FF hops in the smell, not sure about the taste, though having never used FF it could be in the taste somewhere with the coriander and lemon I'm picking up. Figure I'll crack one open the end of June, though it may be a little young for a July 4th cookout.
  12. Yep, opened my cooler, stuck my head down there to look at the temp and the sulfur smell almost knocked me over. That was 3 days ago. The smell, and the activity have subsided quite a bit since then. I used 1/2 pound of extra light DME I had laying around and my OG came in closer to 1.080, so I added a little extra water to the LBK to bring it down to 1.069. I also did a 30 minute boil with 1/2oz of Falconers Flight, and have another 1/2oz to dry hop with. Fingers crossed.
  13. [attachment]IMG-20130509-00100.jpg[/attachment] OK, maybe should have put this in the first pour sticky, but then I figured I'd be linking back to this post so what the hey. Since this was supposed to loosely resemble Abita Amber, which I can't get at home, I managed to pick up a sixer on a recent trip to Florida and hold onto a few for comparisons sake. In the photo the Abita is on the right, my Angstrom Amber Ale is on the left. To be fair I poured the Abita first, hence the reduced head. So, in the end, color is close. Mine has a bit of chill haze. In the aroma department, neither has has much, which is fine given the style and the Perl hops used. Taste: The Abita is very low on the hop taste end of the spectrum, with a bit of highlight on the caramel/malt taste on the middle of my palette. Mine has a little more bitterness, maybe just a few IBUs which seem to hang around on the back of my tongue. Maybe a touch more body/mouth feel than the Abita. Maybe a bit less caramel with a touch more malty sweetness. Second opinion from SWMBO in a blind taste, she noted how close the two were, but ultimately she picked my version as having a cleaner, more balanced profile. Knew I married her for some reason! In the end this was a 2 part experiment for me. Part one was to see if I could approximate one of my bothers favorite brews, which I would say was pretty successful. Part two was to try to do a faux lager using an ale yeast with a cooler threshold. I would count this as a success as well. Using the WLP036 Dusseldorf Ale Yeast in the 58-60 range produced a lager like brew with very few flavors contributed to the final product by the yeast itself. Would I brew this again? I think I will, either this fall or next spring when I can keep the temps down easier. Would I change anything? If I was going to try to more closely clone the Abita i might try to add more of a caramel undertone, though I'm unsure how I would do that working with extracts and steeps, but I can see myself leaving it as is as a good solid sub 5% ale. Thanks for listening to my rambling, now its time to finish those 2 beers! :gulp:
  14. Doing the hop boil with 1/2lb of DME gave me an OG close to 1.08, so I added a little more H2O to the LBK to get me around 1.069. Right, wrong or indifferent, I guess I'll find out in about 7 weeks.
  15. Last night I did a variation on the El Diablo Blanco. I had some extra lite DME left over, stopped by the LHBS and grabbed 1oz of Falconers, and did a 25min boil with 1/2oz. I plan to dry hop with the remaining 1/2oz and hope for the best. The OG sample did have some decent bitterness, so I'm optimistic.
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