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  1. My tap water tastes good and has no odor. So I have always used it and have never had any issues, flavor or otherwise.
  2. 2 ounces of sugar is about 57.2 grams so maybe he did mean grams.
  3. Sorry, didn't make my self very clear. After I cold crash my LBK. I then put the recipe in another LBK to add the sugar and to bottle from. Probably shouldn't call it a secondary, maybe a bottling LBK would be more appropriate.
  4. I realize that not much is written in stone when brewing beer. But I would like to know how much sucrose (grams) you use to batch prime in a secondary. This would be from an LBK. I know there are lots of variables i.e. volume in secondary, beer style, peak fermentation temp., personal carbonation preference, etc. I use the calculator as a guide only. It should be fun and informational to hear your responses. Please feel free to include your variables in your responses if you wish.
  5. Don't know the answer, but I do put a black plastic trash bag over mine when I am using it during secondary fermentation.
  6. So Rick, how much table sugar do you use when you batch prime a 5 gallon brew?
  7. There are 2 of us that I know of here in Muskogee.
  8. Thanks for your response Dear Abby, I mean Dear Ricky.
  9. 1. I realize different strokes for different folks, but in YOUR case, which one of your 4 beers that you regularly brew do you like the most? If you have one, why? 2. Noticed you add carapils to the oatmeal stout. Do you add it to the other 3? 3. I have seen some recipes that have you roast the oats. What's your opinion?
  10. I get my pecan flavoring from http://www.austinhomebrew.com/Beer/Flavorings/Pecan-Flavoring.html#.VPI1lLs5C1s but as you can tell from RickBeer's post, it can be had from other sources. Be it porter or stout, I sure do like the flavor it adds.
  11. One of my favorite brews is a pecan porter. Just add 1/2 oz. of pecan flavoring right before you bottle.
  12. I also agree to keep it simple initially. But, I ordered a vial of pecan flavoring from an online brew supply. All you would need to do is add the proper amount to your bottling container before you bottle. Probably about half an ounce for a LBK. I used one ounce for my 5 gallon batch. Consequently, on the day you bottle, you would need to empty your LBK into a sterile container, add the flavoring and then bottle. Fairly simple, but don't forget the priming sugar. I had a commercial pecan porter called "Southern Pecan" made in Kiln, Mississippi and thought it was great. Decided to brew up one with the Mr. Beer porter and pecan flavoring and I thought it was tastier than the commercial brew. My golfing buddies now won't drink anything else.
  13. Would adding some carapils to the grain bag along with the oats be ok for this oatmeal stout? If so, how much carapils?
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