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  1. My stout was very foamy during bottling today, didn't seem to harm anything, just took a little longer to bottle. First time in four batches its done that.
  2. I did a second fermentation on my Xmas Ale, adding molasses, brown sugar, orange peel and other spices. Tasted really good when I bottled it last week.
  3. SUCKS!! Abita bottles used to be the best, this year its Sam Adams and Saranac. Peeled about half, letting the rest soak in water and bleach.
  4. Winter Dark Ale UME.. Tettanger Hops.. Robust LME.. Mullings Spices
  5. Been in the keg for about a week and one-half now. After tasting it last night, I'd like to knock the hop bitterness down a bit. What can I add to 'spice' it in second fermentation?
  6. Even in its unfinished state, it was getting better as I drank it.
  7. [attachment=8979]PumpOctober.jpg[/attachment] Brewed an Octoberfest HME in the first fermentation, then added hops, pumpkin, and other spices for a second fermentation. Although I only bottled it a week.5 ago, I could not resist a tasting. Smelled amazing, but tasted tart, seemed to taste better the more sips I took. I've had a homebrew like this before, that got better as it aged. Cannot wait to taste it in a few weeks.
  8. Its an awesome tour. The brew pub isn't bad either, some SOS and Andygator on tap was delicious. Wish I lived in the area sometimes, if only to try all the new beers they post about on Abita's Fbook.
  9. I've been to the Beer Seller a few times, have not been to the Saucer in years. Almost done with my first Old Chicago beer tour in M'Boro. The only tour I've taken was at Abita in Louisiana. Best tour ever. As much as I could drink for free.
  10. I went to ENBF, my first Beer Fest, two years ago. Went to the M'Boro fest last year and have tickets to go this year. Was impressed with all the local brews both had.
  11. I use a lot of SA bottles, tho I prefer the Abita bottles. Easier to delabel and bottle with.
  12. I am going to try this Christmas Ale. Bought the Winter Ale can few weeks ago. I ordered the hops and other spices today. Look forward to brewing it. We did a second fermentation on my Octoberfest turning it into a delicious pumpkin using similar ingredients/methods. I wonder, should I go ahead and brew the Winter Ale today, doing all the other steps in second fermentation? Or wait to do it all in one?
  13. I bottled my first beer (Blonde Ale) in the plastic bottles, it came out fine, but didn't feel 'natural' drinking beer out of plastic. Start collecting (drinking) pry-off bottles and invest in a capper (about $25) and caps (less than $3).
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