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  1. Thank you everyone for the sound advice. I was beginning to think I did something wrong. For my 2nd batch I will likely end up going with 1.5 TSP of sugar for bottling.
  2. First thank you for the welcome I hope I can get the hang of this hobby and enjoy it. The first batch I made was the WC Pale Ale that came with the kit. I added 1 bag of booster per the recipe and when bottling I added 2.5 TSP of sugar per the chart. All of my supplies were sanitized prior to use. The second batch is the Winter Dark Ale ( currently fermenting ) with LME. Thank you, Ridefast
  3. Hello all; I am just getting into this new hobby and my second batch is almost ready for bottling. I had a couple of questions. 1. My first batch after fermenting 2 weeks and sitting in the bottle for a little over 1 week tasted like apple cider. I am inclined to think this is due to the amount of table sugar added to the bottle during bottling? 2. My second batch will have fermented for 2 weeks in the LBK before I bottle this time. I am thinking of using 1.5 TSP of sugar this time for bottling, what are your suggestions on this? I am using the standard 1 liter PET bottles if this help. Anyways thank you in advance Cheers, Ridefast
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