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  1. Like someone said earlier. Rinse early! Don't let the stuff inside dry on the bottle and you want need to se the grush.
  2. What temps are you fermenting. At three weeks it should be pretty much done. I'm thinking possibly an infection.
  3. Welcome back. Like you I took a little time off. Down here in NC the summers are so hot, I brew mostly fall and winter to build up my pipeline for the summer. Just brewed a Cherry Wheat a couple weeks ago and will start brewing my "winter" beers shortly. :gulp:
  4. welcome, a second keg today, then another, and another, then a couple five gallon kits, then... oh I'm describing myself.........Happy Brewing.
  5. you made beer. I always keep a little Classic American Light around for my friends that think Bud Light IS Craft Beer. :barman:
  6. Keep that pipeline going. I brew like a banshee over the fall and winter, get the brew closet full and then coast and enjoy the fruits of my labor most of the summer. :stout:
  7. Try the Cowgirl Honey Light, recipe calls for fresh grated ginger. Personally I don't care much for it, but SWMBO likes it, so I brew it for her.
  8. Finally found some time to brew my Whit IPA. I've had it for awhile just haven't had the time to brew it. From what I'm reading, I won't be disappointed. :banana:
  9. Welcome. From here on, there's no turning back.
  10. Welcome to our little corner of the world
  11. I probably brew a five gallon bunch one out of every five batches. I really don't drink that much and I tend to want different types depending on my mood at the time. Two gallon batches seem to be just about right for my preferences as I like to have a variety of different beers.. :cheers:
  12. "Tabasco" post=360183 said: "Photon Brewing" post=360179 said:No doubt. Some good thinkers in key positions at Coopers/Mr Beer. Yah, the bottom line is ... you can do "just" HME's but if you do grain, you can do grain, but you don't have to do "just grain". If these crafts, deluxes, seasonals, whatever seem good, they are, and you and I deserve them. I went a bit nuts when another of my spigots failed a couple months ago, but that was just another blip. I like the LBK, dammit, even though I use 5 gal fermenter pails for BIAB AG. I ain't giving them up. I just have a bucket under the spigot of the LGK, that's a bit over the end of the table. What's good is good. I mean, when I brewed up my Spring White IPA just now, I thought, "special batch", likely a "noteworthy" batch. The other thing worth mentioning is that .. I went to kegging recently. But, I know I'll never stop bottling. When I sit back with one of these seasonals in 6-8 weeks, and pry one open ... pfffftttttt ... it will be great. carry on. I haven't been brewing as long as you, but I have to qgree with you. I enjoy the ease and the 2 gallon size is perfect for my purposes, throw in the fact that it's darn good beer, it's a no brainer. I like brewing five gallon batches and AG occasionally but Time is something I'm short of.
  13. "calledthestig" post=358212 said:I just brewed a chocolate stout a few weeks back (AG), but I used lactose and unsweetened cocoa powder as my additions. Bottling at some point this weekend, but I would be sure to add lactose if you want the chocolate sweetness and not just its bitterness. Read the suggestions in my thread: http://community.mrbeer.com/forum/20-advanced-recipes/344504-7-mint-chocolate-stout-ag-biab Good advise, I didn't use lactose and not at all pleased with the result. It's not undrinkable but it's definitely not one of my better brews.
  14. "ckd77" post=358346 said:I was wondering how many of you drink your homebrew straight from the bottle? Does a Red Solo cup count? Kidding. Seriously, I prefer to pour all my beers in a glass. I will use a Red Solocup if a glass isn't handy.
  15. "MedicPatriot" post=357176 said:I brewed my first beer, the american light that came with the Mr Beer kit. After realizing it tasted weak (but good), I read somewhere that it is about 2.3%abv or something similar without any booster. That confuses me. The advertisement was %3.7abv and there was no booster included nor were there ANY instructions mentioning the booster. What is the truth here? I followed all of the LISTED instruction exactly. I am about to brew my second batch, the diablo IPA with UME. Before I do it though, I want to make sure I am doing it right. If I just use the can of HME and add the UME to the wort, will that give the advertised alcohol content I am looking for? Or...is there some booster requirement that I am leaving out? I'm really confused because none of the instructions have mentioned the booster at all. Thanks for the help! Brewing the basic refills with no adds Ed adjuncts I typically get between 3.1 and 3.4 percent.
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