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  1. I would add the lime and the zest now and wait a week to bottle
  2. I too have added zest to my fermentor and left it in for the while three weeks, with no bad taste. So RDWHAHB!
  3. "Jim Johnson" post=355647 said:what's a bmw? Darn autocorrect. It should have been HME Will this condition out or something I need to deal with?
  4. Bottled on 2-9-13. I was hoping it was some type of Esters.
  5. Im sorry Dave, I knew that. 3.3# light BMW 7.5oz pale DME 1/2 oz Willamette hops I brought 6 cups of water to a boil and at flame out I added DME & HME. Filled sanitized LBK to 4qt mark with ice water. Cooled wort down to 90 degrees, then added it to the LBK. Added water to bring the level up to the 8.5 mark. Stirred vigorously for 5 minutes. Pitched yeast at 72 degrees and sloshed LBK. Started bubbling at 16 hrs an lasted for about 3 days. Fermented at 68 degrees for three weeks, dry hopped with the Willamette on day 14. Bottled on day 21 OG 1.060 FG 1.020
  6. A while back I decided to make a very basic recipe from John Palmers book. I tastes it tonight and it has slight flavor of anis. I know I read somewhere about off flavors and I can't find it. Im hoping some one can help me out on this one.
  7. WTG MAN!!!!!! Welcome to the borg, you dont mess around do ya? :cheers:
  8. Thank you for this narration with pictures! What a great visual for the new borg members
  9. YEAH!!!!!!! and Congrats on the beer! We all knew you could do it. :cheers:
  10. Happy St. Party's day to you too.
  11. It took a week but he is back in Ohio now! In case you missed the link here it is http://fortwaynehomepage.net/fulltext/?nxd_id=83022 The young man they are featuring is Jeremy
  12. I am brewing this now. I still have 30 minutes on the hop boil but my kitchen smells awesome! I do believe that is the second best smell ever.
  13. I am making this tonight. Thanks for the recipe, notes and pictures!
  14. "Jimjohson" post=347745 said:Middletown Amber Ale (2.5 gal) 1.5 lbs Amber DME 1.5 lbs Light DME .5oz german perle @ 60 min .25 cascade @ 15 min .125 czech saaz @ 5min. safbrew s-33 21 dayus in the LBK. 4 weeks in the bottle. Refrigerate to taste. ABV 5.2 -WARNING- If you are from Michigan important this is a Buckeye brew and could cause urges to relocate near Columbus! I Might have to make this and send it to Rick! Thanks Jim!
  15. Welcome to the borg! Read the stickys, ask your questions, have a little patience and you will make great beer.
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