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  1. So I put a batch in my LBK this past saturday and after a few hours I could tell the yeast was already at work. It stayed that way until sometime today while I was at work. All of the trub has dropped to the bottom and there is no bubbling going on inside it is just sitting there. Is this normal after a few days or is there something wrong.
  2. So I just put the Oval Office Honey Amber Ale in my LBK. Looking forward to this one. I am currently enjoying the Sutters Gold that I have been drinking for the last few days. Here is the question. The MB website says that the OG should be at 1.072 and I came out with 1.014. Is this a bad thing or are we still good? Some of my previous brews have had the same thing but they have all turned out pretty good so far. I use bottled natural spring water and follow all the instructions for the brewing and I pay a lot of attention to the cleaning steps.
  3. Bj's Brewhouse in Temple, TX and Austin, TX have some pretty good brew and awesome steak, chicken, salmon to go with it. They got them all over the West Coats and some other places across the country. Haven't been to that many brew houses but that one stands out to me. Great German Hefe sold in Temple. Been wanting to try one that I've heard a good bit about since I moved to DC. Mad Fox Brewery over in Falls Church, VA.
  4. Let us know how that turns out. Haven't brewed the Mexican Cerveza yet. Have it sitting on my fridge now but everytime I look at it I get a vision of Corona which just doesn't excite me at all. However, being that I do have it I'm not going to neglect it and let it go to waste so I will begin brewing it after my hefeweizen is done fermenting and I get a few more bottles. Matter of fact I think I need to go to the store today and get some of those bottles with free beer in them. :chug:
  5. I had this same ring on a Czech Pilsner Brew a few weeks ago. Listen to all the advice that has already been given. If it doesn't smell or taste bad you are alright. If it's a krausen ring it could be there until you wash it off.
  6. I was in the middle of debating on whether or not to give this one a try but after hearing all the good news of it I think I'm gonna go ahead and get an order in for my own.
  7. I agree with the bottle choices being a personal choice. I did my first brew with the 8 liter bottles that came with the MB kit but I also bought another 24 glass bottles to use for certain beers. After I bought those bottles I started noticing how a lot of people "buy bottles at the store with free beer in them" and it made a lot of sense. I now save all of my brown beer bottles for future brews. I will most likely use the plastic 1 liter bottles for my experimental brews and the glass for those that I would just like to sit and enjoy and not have to drink the whole bottle. Plus if you ever meet up with a fellow brewer it can be a lot easier to swap brews so they can test out a bottle or 2 and not have to drink a whole liter. I rarely drink more than 2 beers in a sitting. I like the taste of beer more than the alcohol affect.
  8. "FedoraDave" post=291500 said:I'd say you're good to go. No worries. :chug: I'd still check the gravity after 14 days, and then decide if you want to bottle then or wait another week. Your call. But you're making beer, which is the important thing. Yea I will check at 2 weeks and after to ensure it's ready for bottling. How long would you say it takes for the Bavarian Weisse to carbonate. I am using glass bottles for these and it's not as easy as the plastic bottles. My Pilsner is in plastic now and they are solid. Just put one in the fridge last night and I will give it a try tomorrow night. I see a week on the counter and 2 more days in fridge as kind of like a ground rule before testing. My plan was to test one each week to see the differences until I'm satisfied with the outcome.
  9. Thanks to you all for the advice. Checked it when I got home yesterday and there is a good layer of sediment on the bottom of the LBK and a good layer of foam on top of the mix. Looks like it will make it. :chug:
  10. "Beer-lord" post=291373 said:You should be fine. It may just take a bit longer for the yeast to get down and dirty but there should be more yeast than needed for a MR Beer size batch. The instructions on the site shows: Does the package need to be fully swollen before pitching? "No, The package can be pitched before activating, or at anytime during the activation process. The activation process "jump starts" the culture's metabolism, minimizing the lag phase. " Ok. Thanks. I'm really hoping this one doesn't mess up as I am looking forward to it. Would you say to add a week or so of fermenting just in case or just go off the hydro readings?
  11. :pound: So last night I was brewing the German Wheat from MB and made a mistake that I'm hoping doesn't cost me the entire batch. Not sure if I had a very unintelligent moment or if I was just negligent in the process(Probably Both). After getting everything in the LBK, I popped the nutrient pack inside of the yeast pouch, shook it up, and set it on the counter. As I'm doing this, I read that the pack doesn't need to be fully expanded (Know better now) So I poured the yeast in the LBK and stirred for a few minutes and closed it up. As I'm cleaning I start seeing directions that I didn't see before stating that it should be out for a few hours and what not so I'm starting to think that this yeast was not activated as it was only 10 minutes after I smacked it that I put it into the mix. Will this yeast be able to activate or have I completely wasted an hour and $40. Everything else was done right just not sure about this. 1 Can Bavarian Weissbier HME 1 Pouch Weihenstephan Weizen Liquid Yeast 1 Pouch Booster 1 Packet Tettnanger Pellet Hops
  12. "Christ872" post=289511 said:Twang~ I live in Falls Church, VA...not too far from you. I use tap water out here. I also use bottled water at times, but my tap stuff is good. I'm sure there is nothing wrong with the water around here. I do use the water to make things so I'm sure I will use it eventually. Just wanted to see if bottled and spring were better to use.
  13. "Knightmare" post=289382 said:Water quality is always a good topic! Fluoride will not affect your beer. My city municipality does not add it, so I don't have to worry about it. But they do add chlorine. This will evaporate off after letting it sit over night. Boiling will not. Chlormine will not disapate The best way to remove both is a Camden tablet. For MrBeer or any extract recipe, you can use RO or distilled water. But know that some distilled water is not considered potable for consumption. Make sure it is labeled as drinking water. If you are doing all grain, buy the spring water. The mash require the minerals to convert. Tap water will work too. But it's best get a water report to find out how it will effect certain styes. A lot depends on your local water report. My city water is pretty good for making darker beers like stouts or porters. Plus it is very hard water. If I use tap water, I usually do a 50/50 mix with RO water if doing a medium colored/tasting style. If I do something really light, I use spring water. I'm trying to get to the point of using RO water and adding brewing salts and nutrients to make beers to certain styles. But it's definitely an art that takes time and research to learn. I haven't gotten a water report for this area yet but I intend to in the next day or so. My fishing license states not to eat the fish out of the Potomac so I'm a little hesitant to ingest it or use it with anything either. I am not a big fan of dark beers so I will most likely stick to light/medium and will use spring water for most.
  14. "Abandonhope16" post=289362 said:Right. I have some extra fridge space for the gallon jugs. As a result, the water is colder than the filtered water. Seems to be working fine. At $1 each, it wouldnt be so bad to just use the gallon jugs for everything and skip the filtered water. It is nicer to just dump a jug of water vs having to fill/transfer filtered water. That was my overall plan. Just wanted to get some advice and ideas that are floating out there. Thanks again to ALL.
  15. So like Da Yooper you boil your filtered water and then pour the Wort into the cold sping water right.
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