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  1. Haven't been on the borg in a while... Seems to look a bit different. Anyways, I am going to try to do a beer similar to Choklat by Southern Tier. This beer is crazy chocolaty and thick. They list the malts and hops they use on the bottle so I went ahead used the same ingredients and assumed the amounts. Even if this doesn't taste like Choklat I think it will make for a delicious chocolate stout for the winter. OG - 1.099 FG - 1.025 IBU - 46.7 Grains 16 lb American - Pale 2-Row (70.3%) 2.75 lb American - Chocolate (12.1%) 2.25 lb British - Caramel / Crystal 60L (9.9%) 1.75 lb Flaked Barley (7.7%) 22.75 lb Total Hops Chinook - 1 oz. 60 mins Willamette - .5 oz 30 mins and .5 oz 10 mins Yeast - 2 packs of US-05 After 7 days fermentation, transfer to secondary with 8 oz. cocoa powder. After 3 days add 8 oz cocoa nibs. Let sit for 7 more days then bottle. I would assume that would lend me enough chocolate flavor. I am looking for quite a bit. And I would guess that this would need to age until November at least? Any suggestions welcome! Never done a stout before, and never done this high of ABV.
  2. Those of you that only let your kegs sit at room temp for a week, wouldn't that be really short for the whole carb and conditioning time table? The reason I want to let my keg sit for 3 weeks is because I am used to letting them sit in bottles for at least three weeks for the flavors to meld well. Is there something I am missing here?
  3. Thanks guys! The reason I only have 4 gallons out of 5 is because I forgot to add some water after the mash so I ended up with less. So BeerLord you say you let them condition for a little before adding the gas? I would like to do that but I am afraid if I let the beer sit in the keg for a week or two without gas then oxidation will start from that headspace
  4. Finally going to keg! I am wondering about a few things though. After I have the keg, lines, and everything cleaned and sanitized I will transfer the beer from the fermenter to the keg. I then seal it up. When I connect the gas and turn it on, what PSI should I bring it to? I want 2.6 volumes of Co2. How long should it sit at that PSI? It is my witbier so I want it to condition for about 3 weeks before putting it in the fridge. And also, when I turn the gas on, do I just release the pressure release valve a few times to get rid of the oxygen space? I have 4 gallons that will be in the 5 gallon keg. Thanks for any replies and sorry for all the questions! :cheers:
  5. I will leave it be, it is already past the vigorous fermentation. Thanks! This beer tasted great when I last brewed it so no reason it shouldn't taste just as great with a little more kick! Also, this will be my first time kegging. I am guessing that when I transfer the 4 gallons to the 5 gal keg, I won't have to worry about oxidation with the extra head space because the CO2 will take up that space?
  6. I brewed outside for the first time on Monday. I was a little off my game because I had to alter some of my ways. I had to mash 9 pounds of grain, and the water calculation on brewers friend said I needed something like 8 gallons of water. I brew BIAB by the way. I figured if i had that much water that when I added the grains the water would overflow the pot. So I took out two gallons and told myself I would add the water back after the mash. Turns out I forgot to add the water back and ended up with 4.2 gallons of wort in the fermentor instead of the projected 5 gallons. My OG ended up being 1.054 instead of 1.043. I am now 3 days into fermentation and I am wondering if I could add the water still.. maybe right when I am kegging it? or should I just leave it be and have a higher ABV witbier that I meant to have.
  7. No, wait two weeks for it to carbonate, and then another two for it to condition. That is the standard most people do. I normally do sneak a taste at about 3 weeks in the bottle though just to see how things are coming along.
  8. I currently have my bulk uncrushed grains being stored in air tight bins, but the room they are in is a steady 75 degrees. Is this too hot for my grains? Should I try to find a cooler place in this hot summer heat?
  9. Rye da Tiger by Three Floyds.. It is the best beer I have ever had and only comes out in December
  10. Would this be a good start to trying out making mead? http://www.austinhomebrew.com/product_info.php?products_id=13680 http://www.austinhomebrew.com/product_info.php?products_id=13686 I don't really want to do 5 gal batches of this, just want to experiment with something new. Also, I've never had mead before.. Would it be kind of like sweat wine if I were to do this sweet mead recipe posted above? I like sweet white wine but dry wine is :sick: not the best..
  11. Just did, and the beer tastes great! A lot of Coriander flavor which I wanted because I added more than was given in the kit, and the tap works flawlessly! I used half the normal amount of priming sugar and then used the 8 gram cartridge trick, and it is carbed perfectly, thanks Joe!
  12. Finally got around to using this tap a draft with the 8 gram cartridge and pennies and duck tape trick to make them fit. I am trying it on the MB White IPA. Thing is, I am a little worried about how it will taste. When I transferred to these 3 liter bottles they were the exact color the white ipa should be. Now, after 4 weeks in the bottles they are all more of an amber red color. How did this happen? I have never had this happen before. Also, I switched the cap for the tap this morning and it seems like the pressure has now equalized. Does this mean I can drink out of it tonight? Or should I wait a few more days?
  13. Something really weird happened with this one.. I bottled the batch in 3 3 liter bottles because I am going to try the tap a draft system on it for the first time. When I bottled it, the color was spot on with what it should be. Now 3 and a half weeks later it is almost brown! What could have possibly happened to turn this beer so much darker? Is it still going to be ok?
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    How much juice do you normally add, Dave?
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