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  1. Thanks for the note swenocha. I usually prime in the bottles, adding the specific recommended amount of priming sugar, based on the bottle i am using. I bottle directly from the fermentor into the primed bottles. I bottle 1/2, giving a good shake / swirl to dissolve all the sugar, then fill, making sure to give enough head space. After everything is bottled, i give all the bottles a god mixing/ shaking to ensure everything is mixed and dissolved. I then place all the bottles in a converted wine cabinet that is a constant 71.5 F Over the past few years brewing and bottling like this, i've never had a batch take more then 10 days to carbonate in the bottles. That's what I meant by "never came back" All the particulates and sediment has settled, but no secondary fermentation, that i can tell, in the bottle. I opened one up, and no fizz. Now i know that sometimes it can take longer or shorter, depending on conditions, etc. and i have some brews that take considerably longer, but not the simple all extract kits the Mr. Beer has provided. I plan on giving it another week, if not more before i take additional measures.
  2. The best way to describe my last batch of beer is disappointing. I have been brewing with Mr. Beer off and on for over 10 years, but I have really stepped up my game the last two years. I was hesitant and concerned with the new owners, ingredients, and new formulas and flavors, and rightfully so. I purchased the new Oktoberfest, along with an ipa and wheat beer to try. I followed the directions, explicitly, and can saw for the first time in 10 years I had my first overflow during primary fermentation. Now that isn’t a bad thing, just means the new yeasts are doing their job, aggressively. Temperature was a constant 71 F and I used only the ingredients for the standard batch. After fermentation, I primed and bottled, the same way I have been for 10 years. After 10 days at 70 F, the bottles should have been nice and firm and well carbonated. Well, nothing. So I gave it another few days and still not firm. I chilled and was hoping that it was just me. No it was the beer. It never came back nor did it ever carbonate. Flat. I am very disappointed. Anyone else have similar issues?
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