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  1. Premier malt is a 1kg can so just less than 2 Mr Beer cans. The hop flavor is very light, which is good for me as I prefer more malt than hops.
  2. I just recently made a very similar beer to the Dutch apple ale. 1 can Light Premier Malt Extact (available at my local Piggly Wiggly) 1 64 oz bottle apple juice 3 weeks in lbk 3 weeks in bottles at room temp after 3 days in fridge I tried the first, it was drinkable but not good after a week better now after 2 weeks it is still improving I am trying to be patient but it is my first beer in a while so it is all I have in the fridge. Slight apple taste. I've had several commercial ciders/apple ales and is nothing like those.
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