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  1. Last winter I brewed the Spiced Christmas Ale and loved it. I have all the ingredients for the Defibrillator Doppelbock and want to use them to make the Spiced Christmas Ale again. The ingredients are with exception to the DD comes with a booster pack and I don't have the Tettnanger hops. So do you think adding booster and NOT including the hops would effect the Spiced Christmas Ale recipe very much? (Flavor: HoppyABV (alc/vol): 6.5%SRM (Color): 40+IBU (Bitterness): 70)
  2. I love Boulevard beers. Let us know how this turns out for you.
  3. I used a package of Safale US-05 Ale Yeast. Pitched it at about 75 F on Feb 1st, so over a week now. Room temp has been a constant 65 or so. The attached picture was taken right after pitching and aerating. Now there is foam up to the lid. I taped the lid on and tried to make it as "air tight" as possible- by redneck standards. I'm not familiar with a blow off tube.
  4. I decided to branch out a bit and try a 5 gallon batch of American Wheat from a company other than MB. I didn't have a large brewing bucket so I used a 5 gal water jug. Everything seem to be going well but I haven't seen any activity in the airlock BUT it has foamed up. Because I haven't seem any bubbling I'm concerned about its fermentation or lack there of. Does foam mean fermentation is taking place? If not should I add a little more yeast just to be sure?
  5. Creativewoody, I'd like to try steeping some oatmeal with my irish stout. Do you have some instructions on how to do that? A link would work too. Thanks!
  6. jiman


    If I were wanting to add more of a coffee flavor to a stout what's the best way to accomplish this? Would I steep ground coffee or whole beans in the wort? How much? Does anyone have any insight on this?
  7. I have been thinking about bottling / priming sugars. I know there are many possibilities but for MB products is it best to stick with cane sugar or have any of you used corn sugar or sugar tablets? Does granule size matter? That might be splitting hairs but I'm just curious. I'm reading How to Brew by John Palmer and he suggests mixing all the priming sugar in the wort then bottling. Do any of you transfer from one LBK to another, prime, then bottle? For now I think I will stick with the basic MB instructions but I'm always looking for ways to improve taste!
  8. Guys, once again thanks for your help. I am defiantly going to try making mead. I have a friend that is making wine in a 18L water bottle so I'm going to use one for a keg. If I branch off and use DME for larger batches I may use these water bottles as well. I should clarify to all of you who have been giving suggestions that for the time being I do have access to an APO but there are rules as to what can be sent. Beer making equipment is on the list of things you can't send (I did get some extra bottles here without any problems so I am going try shipping ingredients in little by little). There are rumors that the mail will be shutting down where I am so that would put a stop to this hobby rather quickly. Hence the questions about "scratch brewing". In the meantime...do you all know of any good sites to buy hoops, DME, all-grain supplies, etc? I've been looking at northernbrewer.com but if you have any suggestions let me know. Thanks!
  9. russki, yep i knew you were kidding. Thanks for your answers. Have you every tried DME?
  10. Joechianti I'm not sure about raw barley. I will have to check. Wheat is available. I have some German friends that may be able to order in barley but that's not so easy or sustainable. I'd still need to bring in yeast with me. I'd love to try growing hops. Finding some seeds or starters may be difficult. As for all this being allowed - no. But that hasn't stopped Americans in the past.
  11. Trollby That's a good idea. Have you every tried making mead? Know of a easy recipe?
  12. Thanks for your comments. I will look into the books mentioned. Here's the deal, I am currently working/living in a developing country where you cannot buy beer or pre made brewing ingredients. I have to depend on my MB supplies coming in with friends who work here or visit. (That probably sounds like hell to some of you.) So I have been thinking if people were brewing beer 1000 years ago, why can't I? In order to pull it off I know I will need some supplies from home, creativity, and a lot of help from the vets. Where theres a will theres a way, right?
  13. russki are you Amish or something? When one makes cookies or cake from scratch they don't usually raise their own wheat for flour, orchard for fruit or chickens for eggs. If you do then kudos. I was thinking of something a little less organic. For example if I want to know how to make my own wheat beer from a bag of grain and making my own "extract" where is a good place to look to gain some understanding?
  14. I am curious how to make my own beer from scratch. Do any of you know of any websites or videos that explain how to do this?
  15. The recipe calls for 2 cups of honey i may just add 1 cup so that I don't thin the beer too much or make it as dry. And then later on I may add another cup with the methods described. Thanks for your help guys!
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