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  1. I know there is a answer for this on the forum but just thought Id toss this out real fast. It's 2:25AM and I just got home from work to find both of my kegs at 73* (Heffewiezen and IPA). For the past 14 days, I have been chasing the weather/temps and having a difficult time. For the past 10 months, my "beer room" has been approximately 68*-70* consistently. During this abnormal weather pattern the last few weeks (*80 one day and 41* the next) I have been really struggling to maintain a "happy" range. Yesterday, my kegs were both at *67 degrees with very little "action" on the surface. Note: I am currently on day 9 for both kegs. However, my temps jumped to *73 while I was at work and it appears that both kegs have some MAJOR bubbling on the surface whereas yesterday they appeared to be done fermenting and the surfaces looked settled and the beer was not near as cloudy. Just now, I removed some of the blankets from around my kegs to eliminate any additional climb in temperature and will check it again in 8 hours. Question: 1) Did my yeast "reactivate" at a higher temp of only 6*? I have always brewed between *67 and *70 with no major difference in activity during my 7-14 day process. 2) I am familiar with seeing " krausen" but this has more of a bubbly look than a foamy or whipped topping look. I do not believe it has gone bad but have not seen this look yet. Note: I have not moved or disturbed either keg during any of this and/or remove the lid. I hate freaking out and feel like a real NEWB! Also, I did sample from the spout on each keg and it still tastes like beer. Ive tried to think of as many things as I could before posting....thoughts?
  2. I agree, simple would be best...but with many weeks before a batch is ready...it gives me some time to play around with some ideas and get ideas from other brewers. Speaking of which...is there a thread with members who have posted/showed odd their labels>
  3. Im not good at labels but do enjoy playing around with them as much as making the beer. Here is one I am working on..
  4. Just a quick note of thanks to everyone on this forum. As I had mentioned to a few, I am a *new* contributor but have combed through here for almost a year reading thread after thread with similar question, dilemmas or techniques, all the while...working through the process of a Novice Home Brewer. I am on my 1 year anniversary (taking a drink) and owe my success to you folks. I have been involved in many hobbies throughout my 40 years (Flying, skydiving, RC Aircraft, Kayaking, ATV's, Classic Motorcycles etc.) and have never found such a great group of individuals willing to help. Now, before we have a group hug and start singing " Kum ba yah", I need to get back to work but just felt the need to express my gratitude. Lastly, I know that from a local "home brew" standpoint, many of the brewers in my area have laughed and/or looked down at the fact I am brewing with a beginner kit like, "Mr. Beer" but feel with my work and home schedule it is a realistic and easy to use product for my lifestyle. And....that's the other great thing I enjoy about this forum is the fact there are so many new and veteran brewers who continue to use this product. With everyone's help...I do not feel like I'm wandering around like "Moses in the desert" when it comes to questions and/or help and have been fairly successful in my batches. Thanks again all! Goto go...
  5. Yes- I always use refrigerated spring water that's almost to the freezing temp as my initial 4 quarts. And, I removed from heat/boil and had a solid 5 minutes before adding to the keg. My "kicker" was that after all was said and done...I went to screw on the lid and noticed it wasn't all the way to the 8.5 line. Thanks again for everyone's time.
  6. I didnt think so but thats what happens when you "brew" on a 60 minute lunch break. Ha Ha Thanks for the quick response. PS-I have never used that DME? Smelled good when it was done and seemed to have a nice color to it. Who has used it and whats the end result? :chug:
  7. Here is what I opted to go with. This batch is just going to be for fun with some various items I had left over from my trip to the home brew store. Only thing I messed up on: I added my cold water the keg for shock, boiled my 4 cups of water, mixed my HME etc. etc. but when I sprinkled my yeast...noticed I had only filled the water to the 6 and not the 8.5 mark. So I then had to add water after already adding my yeast? Note sure if that was a deal breaker or not?!??!?! Below are the items I had.
  8. Well, I do have another question. I have a can of IPA but no yeast and no booster. I also have 2 packets if yeast from the Czech brew I dumped. Do I have anything there or am I still dead in the water?
  9. Thanks BigPapaG! Yeah, before brewing...my BIG hobby is flying. I flight fixed wing, roto and powered parachutes.
  10. Thanks Joechianti. All great info and I am glad I joined this forum.
  11. Sent you a PM and thanks again.
  12. SWEET! I never really thought about Oxiclean! I will give it a try this week. Thanks
  13. Here are a few of my other labels but I have opted out because they are such a pain to get back off the bottles.
  14. I've done a search of the forum and have read several threads but since I am short on time and have gotten the nerve to actually create a account, I thought I would just ask. I enjoy creating labels as much as I do brewing my beer. As a result, has anyone found: 1) The cheapest place to purchase glass bottles. 2) A label that comes off "fairly" easy after the beer has been consumed? 3) A label made for Home Brew but still allows you to fully design. Attached is a label I did using a vintage war bird shoot we did with my daughter. I called the brew "Hanger 15" which is the name of my airplane hanger. Also, this was my 1st brew and first label and I got excited. LOL Its a IPA and not a lager. Ha Ha
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