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  1. I checked my local bed bath beyond in california bay area and they have no mr beer products as others mentioned.
  2. Hey the Octoberfest tastes perfect, but with such low alcohol content it does not resemble a real Octoberfest punch!
  3. "Wings_Fan_In_KC" post=288726 said:I've been filling LBK to the top of the Q and getting 9 litres bottled out of it. Yeah im not into watered down beer with lower ABV. Is your batch for lightweights?
  4. I have reported wingspan for calling me a newb and using bad words. Im done adding to this post. I have also updated the contest blog rallying to vote against him.
  5. I voted against Wing Span based on the inconsistencies in the calculations.
  6. WingSpan aka Greenspan you are not at the top of the world. You always try to post after I post with some instigating comments. Im trying to do this beer thing across the nation, you bringing funk, you gotta keep it real with me!
  7. This guys a clown. Why would you store them sideways? :banana:
  8. Did the 20 percent off include free shipping?
  9. What is the benefit of using a bottle drying rack. Why cant you just let it dry in the sun? Then use the one step cleaner to fill the bottles all the way and lightly shake. Then pour out and use. Is there any benefit to using a rack? They are so expensive.
  10. I get tired of turning the bottles in circles. It takes forever for the sugar to dissolve on the bottom of the glass/plastic bottles and its tiring. Is there any faster trick to this? I use regular white sugar. Are there other sugars that are better to use?
  11. Why does the beer look so cloudy and the side of the glass cup has all kinds of sediment/oily layer on it. Did you cold crash before bottling? :dry:
  12. Is it possible to use Mr. Beer ingredients and fresh watermelon? Many of us dont do our own grain extracts...
  13. Notes from other site: The important ration here is the about 1.2 lbs of raw watermelon into 1 gallon of beer. Ive gone as high as 1.5 and it was still not overpowering. Thaw and add to the primary fermenter after about 1 week, it should be towards the tail end of the fermentation. This will restart the fermentation, like crazy. Now this is important dont let anybody who will potentially be drinking the beer see inside the fermenter, because they will never drink it if you do. It will be a yeasty watermelon mess, but damn it will smell good.
  14. Does anyone have a more simplified recipe using Mr. Beer extract for the Watermelon Beer recipe? I am also looking to make a batch! Watermelon Ale is supposed to be the way to go!
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