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  1. Haha, I use the same excuse!
  2. Bull, did you edit that message?
  3. My second batch is winter dark ale deluxe which was brewed on 10/29 and bottled 11/19 with an abv of 6.0. I decided to try some ahead of Christmas which was the goal for sharing it, now so pleased with it that I may find it hard to still have some left available for the Christmas gathering! I have 3 other brews in the pipeline and still have a few left of the first batch. I feel that soon I will not need to buy store beer anymore. :gulp: Happy holidays Borg, and thanks much for all your help!
  4. Another Ale Which leads to the 12 steps
  5. Welcome! Patience is a must, I pass my time watching the clock by separating beer from store bought bottles for pipeline batches. Can't help with hops, haven't gotten there yet. Cheers! :chug:
  6. I for one am grateful for the time and effort Yankeedag have put into this Borg. My concern though revolves around the Yankee part of his name.... Dare I ask. ...as in northerners or as in pinstripes?
  7. Welcome! I experienced the same kind of thing, first batch was completely different after waiting even another 3 days. Simply amazing. Congrats! You made beer!
  8. My intention here is not to hijack this thread, but... What 2 liter bottle do folks use?
  9. Patsguy


    Welcome Evily! A few quick (yeah right) things I too followed your same progression through lurking etc. These folks are incredibly helpful and I can only hope that I can one day share my experiences and knowledge with others as time moves on. Got my kit in Oct, now have 3 batches complete (bottled anyway), 1 new in LBK as of last night, 2 more on deck. I too magically obtained 2 other LBK's and a plethora of brew tools within days of whipping up my first batch which was West Coast Pale Ale. I didn't much care for the first sample at FG measurement, but became a fan 3 days later at bottling. 3.5 weeks later 2 of those bottles were a hit at thanksgiving, and are now even better than they were last week. Now I want to make more of it, the moral here is, time does wonderful things to our beer! Glad I read your post this morning rather than last night, as I may have read: "I'm an engineer by day, and a marathon runner and beer-and-wine-drinker by night" as "... and a marathon beer-and-wine-drunner by night" Also now after seeing Dave's post, my suspicions of a conspiracy for a "New Borg Order" are confirmed Cheers! :chug:
  10. The subjects one can find in beer making forums :laugh:
  11. The never ending quest to harvest bottles for future brews, landed a bunch yesterday!
  12. I think maybe the yeast will enjoy devouring your blood ingredients just as much as anything. As for the rough day, it always seems to be a new lesson on "how to keep your cool" when projects of any kind begin to take a turn. But like many here say, relax, you made beer! :chug:
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