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  1. I use a strong flashlight in a dark room. It will show you the beer level and the krauzen bubbles dried on the sides of the LBK.
  2. THe more foam the better. It gives the yeast more oxygen to use to make beer.
  3. Gary here! Well about 20 miles south on I65. I work in Merrillville.
  4. Oh, ya time to try something new. :banana: :banana:
  5. I brewed for the first time in almost 4 months myself. I didn't realize how much I missed it.
  6. I start "tasting" other homebrews while brewing so time seems to slip away after a few and really I have only done 1 5G batch which gave me plenty of time to "clear out" bottles for cleaning as the batch was brewing. :banana: :banana: :banana:
  7. A sanitized turkey baster could take a sample from the LBK if that is what you have.
  8. I agree with russki I have a carboy and bucket. I use the bucket most because I have seen the aftermath of a glass carboy. Mine were gifted to me but I gave 1 to my brother in law and kept 1 but I am thinking of giving him the other one.
  9. "TimeTraveler" post=355957 said:You might check your bottling wand, take it apart and see if it is clogged at the valve. If you have a lot of thick trub, it may have clogged the bottling wand. Otherwise, what type and how much yeast did you add to the brew? Did you use something like Irish Moss that makes it settle out more, too? When I cleaned my Mr Beer wand it was pretty nasty in there when disassembled. I lost the spring also but that is besides the point. It does get gunked up in there. I bought one last weekend with out a spring just shuts off by gravity. I will try it out this weekend. I don't see where it comes apart but for a few bucks maybe I just need to keep a few on hand and toss the old one after a few months.
  10. I was more comparing it to the Mr. beer system with no hop boils and having to boil for an hour per the instructions.
  11. Congrats I did the Hanks Hefe from Midwest last weekend I can't wait to try it. It does make for a longer day but I am also getting 5 gallons.
  12. You are going to Europe just drink the beer over there. It will open your eyes to new beers. I can tell you that if you roll beer bottles in your shirts they will have a better chance to make it home from Europe. But why take them?
  13. "nowaydude" post=214233 said:There is one in DeMotte, IN called the Red Barn. There is also a shop in Hammond called Brew and Blooms. I am going to check out a place this week called Mid Country Malt shop. Heading out now to buy LBK #2 at BBB in Valpo. Check this place in South Holland (right across IN/IL border)... http://countrymaltgroup.com I just got back from Brew and Blooms. Nice little place. They had just about anything I could use as a newer brewer in 1 islethey seem to have most of the place dedicated to blooms The guy at the counter was pretty friendly and says he is a masterbrewer. It is real easy to find just take 80/94 and get off on 41 North make sure it is North b/c for some reason 41 South is the next exit down further into IN.
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