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  1. I have a question along this vein as well. I brewed a batch of Octoberfest completely per the instructions, no added grains or anything. Fermentation and all seemed to go smoothly. I use glass bottles as opposed to the PET, and add my priming sugar to the bottles instead of batch priming. On this go around I purchased some priming sugar at a local homebrew supply store as opposed to just using granulated sugar from the grocery store as I have in the past. Last night I tried my first bottle from the new batch, this after 10 days of conditioning. The flavor was spot on, but its carbonation level was well below par. I noticed this immediately when I popped the cap, first sample out of the bottle confirmed and when I poured it into a glass there was basically no head. I'm just wondering if I somehow goofed by using the priming sugar instead of granulated considering that I bottle primed instead of batch primed. Anyone experience anything of this sort? The other side of this is that it has been only 10 days and maybe it just needs more time, and I guess it is always possible that the bottle I plucked out and tried first could have been the one out of the bunch that comes out flat.
  2. Thanks for all the responses folks. I feel better about it all now.
  3. I'll start out my posting career here on the forums with a question that has probably been asked before. My apologies for looking dumb right off the bat(I normally conceal my stupidity for at least a small amount of time). I've been using a Mr. Beer kit for a couple of years and purchased a refill kit at a local store the other day. I noticed the packaging was different but what really has me thrown for a loop is the fact that the kit did not come with booster and the instructions did not mention the need for booster(it was mentioned as an option). What is the beer(Oktoberfest) going to turn out like without it, and what would be the benefit or harm in adding it? Like I said, I've made 3 or 4 batches using the kit that had booster in it before and they all turned out very well. I feel like I'm going out on a limb by not using it. Thanks for any input.
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