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  1. okay. I really really like the taste od it now I was just hoping it wouldn't change too much haha.
  2. Well I have been brewing it up the last 6 months and decided to try a Muntons American Light, It's been 4 days I went ahead and did a gravity reading to see where I was at. sampled it and OMG does it taste like heaven!!! wooo! Now my questions. will it change in flavor much over the next week or so? Is it safe to open my bucket and sample it every other day? I'm worried about it changing for the worst haha. This is first time I have used corn sugar instead of table sugar,starsan instead of onestep, and 6.5 gallon bucket instead of lbk haha. I can tell you for sure the lbk will reserved for specialty batches LOL. and yes I kind of am bragging It's good to be back on the Discussion Forum!
  3. well my beer has been bottled for one month gonna pop one in the fridge and give it a shot tomorrow. Ill post a picture and let everyone know how it is :cheers:
  4. i dont know how to answer the questions it wants me to answer. Like desired c02? 55% 70% 75% DME? i dont know
  5. Well im ready to bottle my whispering wheat. Taste fantastic!! came out with an fg of 1.012. Here is my delema....i only have dr pepper bottles. 16.9 ounce. AND i ran out of priming sugar but i do have a pound of dme that im going to prime with. Question is how much dme should i use in a 16.9 ounce bottle? 500 ml is half of a liter so im guessing i would use 1 1/4 teaspoon? i dont think its the same as table sugar though
  6. noob questions here. 2 weeks ago i started a batch of cowgirl honey light.did a hydrometer reading 3 days apart and it shows 1.011? anyways its not clearing up at all. im wondering if the temps might be too low. its at 66-68 degrees. or maybe the cup of honey has something to do with it. should i cold crash it now or give it another week then cold crash it?
  7. "packerduf" post=301035 said: "Connie" post=301033 said:Welcome to the Both. These guys age the best and you will learn so much then you can do all the things you want and make great beer. Connie, you are either drunk, or your phone is auto-correcting. Edit: We do age well though. LOL
  8. i got one of those thermometers that mr b sells. they stick to the side of your lbk. You can get one from walmart to. in the fish section. I recently learned that you should keep the temps between 68-72 or so. you can always wrap a towel or small blanket around the lbk to insulate it. Or get a cooler to store it in for more consistent temps
  9. I wouldnt drill any holes in it since there is already notches cut out for the air to escape. The video on youtube must be an older one. Mr B did away with the airlocks and in place put the notches there.. It has worked fine for me so far
  10. your LBK (little Brown Keg) will not have an airlock that sticks out of the top of it. It has notches in it to let air out.
  11. well i went ahead and used a culligan water jug for fermenting this in. Then realized its a NO7. I prob shouldnt of done that... I may go to walmart and get one of those ozarka 2.5 gallon jug empty it out and transfer it? think ill be ok doing that?
  12. would i be alright just using the yeast that came with the Hme
  13. Well i went ahead and bought 1 pound of Briess golden light Dme to replace booster. Can i still add the can of oregon rasberries? And when should i add them and the dme. New to that. :chug:
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