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  1. yup - I'll be there! Thanks for the answers, gents - I'll visit the New Brewers section, too. So far, I've made my batches with 2 cans of HME, because I like a heavier flavor, but that certainly adds to the cost.
  2. Judging by post and brew counts, I'm the newbie. One thing I'll ask you gents for advice on: In what sequence do you recommend climbing the skill ladder? (I'm not looking for a custom-tailored answer - I'd be more than happy with existing threads y'all can recommend) I'm a big believer in the power of patient, structured learning. I don't have a personal mission statement to "brew the ultimate beer no later than mm/dd/2012". Rather, I want to: a. do basic kits (for awhile) b. augment my method with a small tweak c. stick with that tweak, until I'm comfortable with it d. choose the next tweak e. repeat 'b'-'d' Where I'm lost is in charting a progression of tweaks/tools that is neither recklessly ambitious, nor out-of-logical-sequence If one wants to be a pilot, one's sequence should be more like: flight plan > fly > takeoff > landing ... and less like: fly > Kulbit > landing > flight plan I have no knowledge of where different skills (ABV testing, liquid yeast, dry hops etc) belong in the learning curve Also, are there any accessories I should probably 'just buy now' (bottling wand, new spigots etc) I've only done two brews (WCPA and SWOS, with 2xHME), but am very happy with both, and plan to do at least 6-8 more to get comfortable. looking forward to the meet up!
  3. I can get there by six. I'll be bringing some friends who haven't brewed beer since they were young lads. (I may even bring additional friends who know only how to drink beer). I'll be the one who looks like my picture
  4. How about Croxley's followed by Idle Hands Bar for their $10 tasting on Wed 29th? I did exactly that with friends for the first time this past Wed and it worked great. The two bars are right across Ave B from one another. The cheap wings @ Croxley prevented us from having a 100% beer dinner, and the reps from Breckenridge who did the tasting at Idle Hands were knowledgeable. Idle Hands event http://www.meetup.com/nycbeer/events/ljlzqyqdbmc/
  5. I'm in NYC, too. Definitely up for a meetup! Newbie Started a batch of WCPA on 28jan and a batch of SWOS on 05feb Mace
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