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  1. Thank you that is what I will do. I have a hop sack so that will make things easier. I researched the borg and was getting nervous about the grassy taste that I found referenced. Thanks again Wings Fan!! :banana:
  2. I am making craft series NW Ale today. I would like to add a pale LME and hops. Can I put the hops in the keg after 10 days of conditioning and then filter out before bottling (giving them 4 days in the keg) or is it best to steep them with the HME and let them condition in the keg with the brew?
  3. +1 +1 FLA Brewer.... First batch of standard (came with the kit) brew was ready to be cold conditioned after the 2,2 point. Once it was cold I could not resist and cracked a bottle. The term "green beer" was never more accurate. It tasted like beer but was sweet, carbonated like soda, and smelled still yeasty. I drank it all mind you (waste not want not and all that), but will let the rest of the bottles cold condition for 2 or more weeks. Being a noob I know drinking your home brew early is completely expected. :gulp:
  4. I have centennial and centurion hops and LME. Would these be ok to add to Northwest or Diablo Craft series? Do I add the hops straight to the keg after a week or two? Edit.... Centennial and Columbus hops..... Can I use the Columbus hops in the Diablo and the Centennial in the Northwest?
  5. I have a can of the Czech HME that came with my kit.... would the booster be good for something like that? I have like 50 packs of booster thanks to a family that wants my beer...
  6. So does it make any sense at all for me to be adding booster to craft series brews? I am making the Winter Dark today....
  7. This recipe called for Centennial hops and Columbus hops..... any info would be appreciated.
  8. Cannot find this recipe that uses Diablo IPA and Pale Ale. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. @ Wings - - The HME did not boil but did start to cool down, at which time I turned my burner on low to keep it warm in hopes that the gunk would melt..... I will follow your input for my next brew...Thanks!!!
  10. Lol ok thank you. I was unsure as to when exactly to add the booster so wanted to make sure it wasn't noob error. :banana:
  11. I searched the forum and have not found any threads regarding my issue. Very very new brewer and bottled my first batch yesterday then decided to make another batch of brew. Added the HME for BBA and a pack of booster to the hot water and had to stir forever with a whisk because gooey looking crystal clumps appeared. After an hour of stirring 98% of the crystal thingies melted but I still ended up throwing out a couple of small chunks of gooey crystal looking muck. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? Did I do something wrong?
  12. Thank you for the quick response! I am bring this to a family function on Xmas Eve and everyone is a great fan of beer with lemon flavor! I will definitely use an extract with just two drops. Thanks again and I will revisit this thread after serving to post results!!!!!!!
  13. I have made the Azteca and was wondering if when I add my sugar for conditioning can I add lemon juice too....
  14. This is great thank you! I will try the sack method making sure I leave plenty of room for the hops to expand! :chug:
  15. I was checking out a recipe that another member is considering for API IPA and it calls for the addition of hops. After reading the instructions I do not see anything that calls for straining them out. Do they disintegrate?
  16. Fedora Dave, was the choco cherry porter too difficult to make for an amateur such as myself?
  17. I recently placed an order for the craft series 4 pack that comes with Diablo IPA Northwest Pale Ale Winter Dark Ale Bewitched Amber Ale After reading this post I will not make the Diablo or the Winter Dark until I find a post that will improve on them, instead I will make one of the others. Bewitched or Northwest? I am going to add a booster to whichever one I choose.... Anything else I should do or add so I am not disappointed or can these refills standalone and still taste great?
  18. Yes pure torture. The forum is helping pass the time, but I did purchase an additional two kegs, booster packs and refills, and set up a folding table to hold them and put all my supplies under. :gulp:
  19. Ok Christmas Brew it is..... When can I start tasting it to see if it is like flat beer or sugary? After day 7?
  20. Update: I put the stick on temperature thing on the LBK and 68 degrees turned green. Still no foam, but there is the gunk at the bottom.... I will have to be patient. Thank you all for the advice and help!
  21. I keep seeing posts about a hydrometer..... Best brand to use for home brewing would be ___________? Slightly ugghhhh because I want to serve this to my family on Turkey Day ...
  22. :banana: I am obsessing more than likely, but the temperature does worry me. I will have to monitor it more closely.
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