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  1. "Brewbirds" post=374434 said::laugh: :laugh: :laugh: I AM SWMBO :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: The kitchen is MINE. Ditto! It's nice being the Brew Queen. My kitchen, my beer! Of course, HWDMB (He Who Drinks My Beer) certainly has no reservations about my little chemistry experiments in the basement. He benefits greatly from this hobby o' mine.
  2. As others have said, that temp is really quite perfect, though you may need to give your fermentation a little extra time. My basement is 65 in the winter and I have been fine with the 3 week fermentation time on all my batches, but I probably wouldn't go less than 3 weeks at that temp.
  3. Cool article, and so true! I love me a tasty beer! It definitely makes me happy! :gulp:
  4. Welcome Alfred! That's a nice lookin' brew you've got there! Keep up the good work, and Go Cubbies! :cheers:
  5. Welcome to the obsession, tangerineyeti! :drinking:
  6. Whew, crisis averted! :laugh:
  7. "OikoEco" post=361486 said:Buy it dinner first? That's what I was coming in here to say, but Oiko beat me to it. :laugh: In all seriousness though, the others' suggestion to steep grains is a good one, and is very simple to do.
  8. Welcome to the obsession! Happy Brewing! :cheers:
  9. Nope. Never from the bottle. I like to see the beauty of my homebrewing handiwork in a nice pint glass.
  10. What you seek is an Erlenmeyer Flask, and no, I doubt you will find one at Target or BB&B. However, Amazon.com may be able to help: http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=n%3A318085011
  11. As long as you carbed/conditioned for 4 weeks at the warmer temp, it's fine to keep them cooler now.
  12. I got mine yesterday! WOO HOO! :banana:
  13. I ordered my Spring White IPA yesterday! I can't wait to try this one! :drinking:
  14. So cool!!! And happy birthday! :banana:
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