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  1. "jivex5k" post=347000 said:I've found that doing a hop stand for 15 minutes at the end of the boil really increases the aroma. I did this with my latest IPA...man what a punch! But it also had a crapload of hops, if it was LBK size it would have used 2oz for dry hopping. Here was the hop schedule: HOPS & FLAVORINGS 1 oz Summit (FWH - add to kettle along with steeping grains) 1/2 oz Summit (30 min) 2 oz Cascade (20 min) 2 oz Cascade (0 min) 1/2 oz Summit (0 min) 4 oz Cascade (Dry Hop) Keep in mind this is for a 5 gallon recipe so you gotta ~ 1/2 the hops for LBK. And the 0 minute additions called for a 15 minute hop stand. That hop schedule gave me a HUGE aroma. Super citrusy though, might try something similar with chinook or simcoe for a more piney bomb. Interesting Jive. Thanks for sharing.
  2. It's 1/2oz. Sorry for the typo. I figured 1/2oz for a week would be good but apparently not so much Maybe I'll drop in another 1/2oz. Maybe my hops suck lol
  3. So I went commando and dropped a 1/20z of hops into my fermentor about 7 days into fermentation. At this point it's been 5 days since I did this. I did a gravity reading today and there is no prevalent aroma whatsoever. Maybe this will change after a few more days but I'm doubting it. I'm curious to how long the BORG typically dry hops for? How many of you do it on going into a secondary? And if I'm doing an IPA, would I need to dry hop with more and longer? Not sure if this question makes sense.
  4. "Screwy Brewer" post=346609 said: "charlieb" post=346585 said:About how much beer should you leave in your LBK to attempt this? Stop once the spigot stops? With cold crashing and tilting my keg during fermentation I can get quite a bit of beer. I'm curious to how much beer I should leave in my keg to be sufficient to try this? None is needed as long as you pour the next batch of wort on it within an hour or three.I'm referring to cleaning and keeping your yeast screwy. Not just pitching your next wort on top.
  5. About how much beer should you leave in your LBK to attempt this? Stop once the spigot stops? With cold crashing and tilting my keg during fermentation I can get quite a bit of beer. I'm curious to how much beer I should leave in my keg to be sufficient to try this?
  6. "radonc73" post=346145 said:I don't have a pic but mine has been in the fridge since Saturday and it has a VERY definate layer of hops under yeast? and then wort on top. I am going to find some test tubes or something to suck the yeast into. It seems like it is a pretty simple procedure maybe we are looking too deep into it. Because mine looks nothing like Screwys but maybe I left more wort in the LBK before I washed it all out. I have just reused the yeast cake right after bottling one brew for another so I am confident I wont mess this up too bad. I figure it is just prolonging the yeast cake reuse in my mind. When you reuse your cake, do you shake or stir or anything? Or simply just dump your wort in and go?
  7. "rickbray66" post=345857 said: "Jimjohson" post=345816 said: "charlieb" post=345801 said:Won't using a jar like a pickle jar or something similar give the yeast an off flavor? Such as vinegar if a pickle jar or red sauce if using a marinara jar? clean it with oxiclean leave in let sit a few hrs (overnight for me) till smell goes away no smell no taste Getting the scent out of the glass jar was no problem at all. Getting the scent out of the lid has been an entirely different story. Using a mixture of water, white vinegar and baking soda is helping. To counter, I'll use a piece of Saran Wrap between the top of jar and the lid. Rick Good heads-up Rick. I may try the plastic wrap suggestion. Maybe even try Jim's comment about the PET bottles.
  8. Great suggestion thanks Jim. I have a lot of glass jars my wife keeps and am not ready to buy the 8 pack or whatever count it is of jars.
  9. Won't using a jar like a pickle jar or something similar give the yeast an off flavor? Such as vinegar if a pickle jar or red sauce if using a marinara jar?
  10. The funny thing is this never would have dawned on me before today. I dropped by the LHBS and bought a bunch of grains and she says "a lot cheaper than using extract isn't it". She knows I am always buying extract on every visit. So to myself I"m thinking "duh, why haven't I put two and two together?"....... Then I came here to check
  11. I'm learning here. My brain can't get enough of picking up on techniques and ect. I didn't realize that was AG. I thought a bit more was involved. I don't have the equipment to handle a full boil. So I guess I will sparge the rest. What's "BIAB" mashani?
  12. OK this may be a post for another forum but everyone here is freaking awesome and I value the responses I get from the community. I did a small search and didn't find much. I'm sure if I used better key words I would have more luck. I'm wondering if you can partial mash a full recipe? Meaning no LME/DME whatsoever. Is this possible? And if so what can I expect as a result?
  13. It tastes good. It's the color that throws me off. I guess it's all good in the world of beer
  14. Various variations from my clone book. Most recent being my Bass clone. I use the word "clone" generously
  15. If you use within days I would say no. Mr.Beer is obviously sending you vacuum sealed and non-refrigerated hops. So you should be OK. My LHBS supplies me with hops that are refrigerated. So whether or not I"m using them right away, I keep them chilled. I have no scientific facts to backup what I'm saying. Just seems like common sense
  16. This is gonna be difficult to explain but I will try. The head on my combination Mr.Beer extract and adjunct brews is golden and beautiful. The head on my non-MRB extract (purely extract brews) is an off color. Sort of a light orange/rusty tint. I wish I had a picture to upload but do not. They don't taste bad or anything. Just don't look as purty Hoping someone knows what the heck I'm talking about and can enlighten me.
  17. Personally this is all semantics. I don't need the exact number to sleep at night. I'f I'm close, then that is good for me. If my number says 4.9, but in reality it's really 4.75 so what. All of these calculations and softwares can do that for me. I drink my beer and sometimes my friends, and no one is complaining
  18. Perfect guys I was suspecting that but wanted to be sure. I'm doing a "loose" Newcastle clone and those were the malts. Thanks again
  19. I recently made a batch that included black malt and chocolate malt. I just did a hydrometer reading and sampled the batch while I was at it First time I've used these malts. It was coffee-esque in flavor. Almost a burnt/toasted flavor but not. I realize I am making no sense. I didn't scorch my wort ( well at least I don't think I did), so I'm just curious about the flavor profile and if this is typical of these malts.
  20. "Wings_Fan_In_KC" post=341553 said:Goddammit. Another post of mine deleted today? I guess one of the moderators has developed an aversion to any slightly acerbic sense of humor. All I said was, "Remember, there are no stupid questions, just stupid people who ask them!" which was promptly followed by "OMG Dude, I am just kidding!!" Funny wings... I consistently use that saying. I think it's funny and have no problem with it
  21. Trust me brother I know I am gonna have fun and drink some beer while doing it I am dropping in a lot of hops during the process so I hope that helps me. Wish me luck!
  22. I'm teetering here as my answer will open up other comments/suggestions I may not want to instigate at this point lol. So for kicks I will say a 30 minute boil with hops at 30, 25, 15, 10 and 5. My mash included: .13lb cara munich 40 .25lb carapils .5lb crystal 40 1lb two row pale Now if you say I don't need it at the beginning, that means I am doing a late addition with 4.3lbs and that sounds a bit high to me.
  23. Word-up. That is what I needed Let the brewing begin
  24. Hey, I am doing my first partial mash with about 1.85 pounds of malts. Now I will be doing a late extract addition during my 60 minute boil adding 3.3lbs of LME at the 15 minute mark. My question is, if you think 1lb of DME is enough to start my boil, or should I consider a bit more?
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