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  1. alright, thanks for the feedback folks. I had a feeling the consensus would be pale, however I kind of came up with a compromise. Today I made a 1.5L starter with 100ml of Amber LME, hopefully this will be ready for tomorrow afternoons brew session. I will use 200-250ml of Pale at brew time.
  2. I've got one Oktoberfest left from a few I got on sale and I'd like to brew it straight up except add some meat to it and maybe a little carapils. I'm going to add about a 1lb of LME (300ml or so). I have jugs of Pale, Amber and Dark LME so I can mix up whatever to hopefully get a blend that matches fairly close, or am I thinking about this the wrong way? 100 ml of each 200 ml of amber + 100ml of dark Any thoughts on this? I've never tried an Oktoberfest brew, to be honest it's not my typical go to style but I'd like to try it anyways, if not for me, for my guests. I used my first two cans for two batches of Howling Red which are still a ways off before sampling so I'm not sure what I'm dealing with (I did one with Centennial and one with Cascade and dry hopped them, can't wait ). thanks Neil
  3. I've found that even only 1 day is good enough to get rid of all the surface floaties from dry hopping and what not.
  4. check this out, drink a lot of shandy in the summer and this is not as sweet but it's in the same ball park http://community.mrbeer.com/forum/8-new-brewers-and-faqs/366355-another-lime-cerveza-successful-experiment
  5. When I first made these two batches the lighter one which was the 1/4 can IPA mixed with the Mr.B American Classic Light was my favorite, but as these beers aged the 3/4 can IPA just kept getting better. The last couple bottle of the IPA had a crazy head on them which really caught me off guard because over time the head had been going down, but then I took a break from it for a couple weeks and when I came back, boom, where did it come from ...I don't know but it still taste great I made my first 5 gallon batch 2 weeks ago with a can of TC IPA, 3.3lbs pale LME and some Cascade, I'll be letting it condition for a good 8 weeks before I get into it, I can't wait.... :banana:
  6. I made this mid February 1) steeped 1/4lb of CaraPils for 20 minutes 155-160 in 8.5L of water 2) brought up to a boil and boiled for 20 minutes (not sure if I needed 20 minutes) 3) at 10 minutes, added .15 oz of Cascade hops, I had a little left in an open package and thought it might add a little somethin somethin to the citrus of the lime 4) at 5 minutes, added 295 ml can of MinuteMade Limonade (concentrated lime juice) 5) added Mr. Beer Aztec Cerveza 6) topped up to ~8.5L 7) chilled to 80F, I don't know what was going on but it was taking me forever to chill this one 8) added to the LBK 9) put in basement for another hour until the temp. was solid in the 70s 10) vigorously stirred in half packet of yeast, sprinkled the remainder on top (not rehydrated) next day I had some good krausen going. 3 weeks later I batch primed this with 3oz by weight of honey, it's a little over carbed but I think it suits it. I just cracked one after 6 weeks conditioning. It's got a nice tartness and a bit of sweetness to it and not overly 'limey', this one is good really cold yet it doesn't get icky tasting when it get's closer to room temperature. Nice and light, I think my wife is going to like this one, if she doesn't drink it all I'll save some for mowin' the lawn on those roasters thats for sure. I'll definitely brew it again, maybe next time I won't go to the trouble of adding the Cascade just to see if it made much of a diff. oh, and the tart lime is definitely there on the way down, but the 'burps' are all cerveza, does that make any sense?
  7. alright so this batch is gone and unfortunately that 'edge' that I talked about got worse with age, it seemed like as the rest of the flavours mellowed it stood out more. The brew definitely tasted better 'fresh'. It was still a decent pale ale that I enjoyed it just wasn't as SN as I'd hoped. I think it had something to do with the dry hop being in the fermenter for the last 14 days. I just bottled the 2nd attempt and I did not dry hop it at all and it had no hint of that flavour which I just can't really describe, maybe it was earthy or grassy? The 2nd batch came out about 5.2% ABV. I'll be testing one May 12th!
  8. my pop came over last weekend, he's an englishman who loves his dark ales, stouts and porters, especailly the latter. He generally prefers beers between 4 and 5.5%, he's never been a big fan of higher alcohol brews although he does sample a lot of what the local liquor store brings in even if it is higher. I convinced him to have a sip of this stout, which I have to say just get's better and better as time goes by. After one sip he was eager to have his own pint. Off I went and got him the only one I had on the chill that I'd put there just for this occasion ...I have them in swing tops and they make quite a pop even after being in the fridge for a couple days. The head has improved, it's more dense. The flavour has mellowed a little and it's smoother drinking, a bit toasty and raisin, and I swear you can taste a little of the demerra I used for carb. His only comments were that the head could be 'whiter' and that it could be a little weaker. Despite that I think the pint disappeared in under 10 minutes, after which he had to go outside for fresh air ...it really is a creeper, the flavor is strong at first, but after 2-3 sips you can't wait for the next and before you know it, it's all gone! I've only chilled and sampled a few of these since I made the brew, I'm afraid of what might happen if I drink a few of these in a single session because even one packs a punch. I believe I'll be enjoying a lot more stout in the future, I simply can't wait to have another. I'm planning on getting another batch in the pipeline soon with just a couple minor modifications (adding either english marmalade or treacle and/or coffee and a little more volume in a 3L Better Bottle).
  9. I'm interested in trying this one, I'm a little stuck on part of your recipe tho. ..so did you use a total of 3.25lb (1.25 LME and 2 lb HME) for both LBKs or in each LBK? ...I'm thinking the latter Fuggles (U.K.) 0.25 oz, Pellet, 10 minutes Muntons Connoisseurs HME - Nut Brown Ale1.00 oz, Pellet, 5 minutes and for this part, is the last 1.00 oz also Fuggles? and finally did you sample both batches/yeasts? thanks!
  10. Just wanted to update with the outcome. All in all these beers are fine although their is a little hint of something that might be an off flavor, but 95% good.
  11. This is a nice beer. I sampled it yesterday after 4 weeks (-1 day) of conditioning and it was a nice stout. I've had this made to spec from a friends 5 gallon batch and it was pretty weak and bland. I tell you a full can in an LBK is the way to go, it has just the right amount of bitterness and flavour. I'll probably drink a couple tomorrow, but the rest, including another 300ml sampler will get another 4 weeks, and I'll report again at that time.
  12. I've been using gingerbeer bottles, they are glass and most take a plastic screw top from a PET.
  13. those are pretty typical prices, you can find them on sale for under $15, one of my local brew shops has some on for $13 ATM. If you make the TC Select IPA, add 2-3lbs of light LME and split it between two LBKs and maybe some Cascade at flameout. It's a real nice brew but too bitter to brew straight up in one LBK, trust me on this....well if you are nuts over bitters you might like it that way It will still be quite bitter even done this way. Good luck!
  14. I'm sitting here at work just craving another one of these I must hold out till the weekend. Yesterday I made revision 2, will post details in another thread. Also made a spin on Dogbolter for my pop for father's day. It used to be his favorite when he used to brew.
  15. well just finished sampling this brew after 2 weeks conditioning and I am very pleased with the results. It has a very slight edge to it that I'm sure will be gone after another two weeks conditioning ...however it's so slight I doubt that they'll last another 2 weeks I'm going to make this exactly the same except with a little more LME to get it over 5% ABV. I'm also debating substituting the Crystal 40L for Carared 20L. I played around with lighting to try and get a shot that would show the color well.
  16. Can anyone guess what the hops might be in Classic American Light? I'd like to make my own light beer from scratch and I want something to work from. please and thx
  17. congrats. I have to say my best batches so far were also made with spring water. Think I'm going to use it from here on.
  18. The way you guys describe this beer it sounds an awful lot like Thomas Cooper Select IPA.
  19. oops, should have been 'www.thefastrack.ca', corrected me original post
  20. The goal is to 'water-down' the bitterness of the TC IPA just a little by adding UME and additional grains, add some Cascade for flavour and aroma, and give the head a bump, and come up with something that is in the middle of the scale for bitterness and aroma for an IPA. With the remaining 1/4 can of TC IPA from my last experiment, I added it to a can of Mr. B CAL, I added half an oz of Cascade at flameout, it's really nice, I guess I want to end up with something between the two batches from the previous TC IPA can I experimented with. I've been dodging the software on purpose, I'm an analyst by trade and if I take it to that level I can kiss the kiss principle good bye and my new found obsession will likely get out of hand :smash: LOL I was planning to do my hop boil with my UME and added steep. Ok, so I have 1/2lb of Crystal 40L left, but I also have some CaraRed Crystal 20L, so I could do a steep with a combo to get more than 1/2lb. Maybe that is the ticket then, stick to my original plan, drop the boil to 20 minutes, and up the steep grains by bumping the crystal to 1lb or so.
  21. Also forgot to mention, FastRack is located right in the GTA. I ordered the 4 pack setup and it showed up the next day with no duties or other BS, industrial strength product. thefastrack.ca
  22. "T8r Salad" post=344862 said: "Brewbs" post=344735 said:kawarthas, Ontario, Kingdom of Canadia here! speaking of 'eh', I'm working on my Double 'Eh' IPA recipe ATM Shouldn't that be....."Eh Eh IP EH recipe [attachment=11741]DuckLaffing.jpg[/attachment] your are absolutely correct, it's an American-Aussie IPA so ya, I should replace all the As, I think I will just call it the "The Triple Eh"
  23. "electricworm" post=344851 said:Also I don't know how close you are to Toronto Brewing Co. But I've made a few orders with them and have had great customer service ~worm ditto, they even gave me a free yeast upgrade last time when they ran out of the cheaper stuff that I had ordered. I like the hops they sell, factory sealed 1oz, not bulk stuff sealed on premises. It has a stronger and fresher smell than the other hops I'd bought elsewhere.
  24. good question on the 60 minute boil, I guess it's not required since I'm boiling UME and adding the HME at flameout, so a 20 miunute boil is likely more realistic. I'm hoping the extra UME and other grains, combined with a 3rd less HME will be enough to tone the bitterness down a tad. Ok now for the mash, I guess I can just strain it through to another pot, hadn't thought of that. great feedback, thanks haerbob
  25. I will be splitting this between two LBKs. 3.75 lb can of Thomas Coopers Select IPA 1.65 lbs pale LME 1.65 lbs amber LME 1/2 lb of CaraPils 1/2 lb of Crystal 40L 1.5 oz of Cascade Steep the grains for 20 minutes at 150-155, tea bag style with 1 gallong paint strainer. Add the pale and amber LMEs 60 minute boil 0.5 oz of Cascade at 15 minutes 0.5 oz of Cascade at flameout. can of TCS IPA at flameout. 1 packet of Coopers Ale yeast in each LBK. 0.5 oz of Cascade dry hop after 7 days in the LBK (0.25 oz in each LBK) I have tried 3/4 of can of TCS IPA straight up and it was a little too bitter but had nice color, a nice head and retention, a little weak but very enjoyable. I think the above will give it what it was missing, ie. a nice hop aroma and some extra citrus and a bit more weight ...and an even better head. Any thoughts? I did consider bumping up the Cascade but I will be taking this entire batch to fishing tournament to share with a bunch of fishing buddies so I don't want it to be overly hoppy.
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