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  1. kawarthas, Ontario, Kingdom of Canadia here! speaking of 'eh', I'm working on my Double 'Eh' IPA recipe ATM Definitely hit the brew on premises places for LME too, I found some for $5/litre which is over 3lbs. Total bill for a Mr. B sized batch is under $10, even less if you start harvesting yeast.
  2. Thanks mashani, I will definitely give either of these methods a go.
  3. I did a CAL for my first batch, it took a lot of conditioning to get drinkable. I brewed a second batch with 1/2 lb wheat DME and 1/2 oz of Glacier, it really didn't start to get good until 7-8 weeks, and now I could probably serve it to even my Coors light drinking father in law and he'd love it. I'll definitely brew this one again, it totally snook up on me.
  4. holy crap, that's a great idea, I guess a larger sized french press would be in order.
  5. Is it really that critical to crash the heavier stuff like bits of hops and what not out of the trub/water mixture in the big jar before pouring the clean stuff to the small jars? I think I read in a book once upon a time that the beasty yeasties would like those old bits of hops and what not as food if put in a starter, would it really hurt that much if I didn't take that extra step? I have these cool little 280 ml screw top bottles that I'd like to try this with, but I was thinking more along the lines of splitting the trub mixure between a few bottles, maybe pouring off the excess after it settled for a few days and adding a bit of fresh boiled then cooled water to each bottle. ...and hopefully one bottle would be enough for an LBK as is or as a starter for a bigger batch. Would this be worth a shot or am I out to lunch?
  6. I have an old coffee grinder. It holds 4 oz of grains perfectly. I asked my mail order brew shop to mill my grains. When they arrived they came with a note, "we don't mill grains" ...so their I was, all revved up with no mill, heck I didn't even have a rolling pin. I dug into the cupboard and found my old coffee grinder, you know the little cheapy spinny type that looks like a spice mill. I weighed out a 1/4lb of grain, poured it in, it fit perfect, put the lid on, gave it a couple short buzzes, until most of the grains looked like they'd been cut up a little, left it very coarse, and then proceeded to make beer. ...this all seemed fine at the time, and after steeping in a strainer, the water had lot's of color and not too much 'stuff' in it. Any reason I shouldn't continue to do it this way?
  7. I picked up 3 cans of Mr. B aztec on clearance so thought I would experiment for my wife. I added a can of MinuteMaid concentrated limonade, plus 1/4 lb of CaraPils, I'm curious how it will turn out. The concentrate was pure lime juice and sugar mostly, it smells good fermenting! ....then my wife went all 'gluten free' and stuff ...maybe this brew scared her Anyway, I'll probably sample one after a few weeks of conditioning and then put the rest away til summer.
  8. Me being new to this too I discovered that with hoppy beers they mellow a lot fairly quickly. I brewed my 2nd and 3rd batches at the same time, one of them I went overboard with the hops for such a light brew, it was very bitter and almost soapy even after 4 weeks, now at 9 weeks the bitterness is virtually gone, the soapiness is totally gone, it is so smooth yet still has a nice hop flavor about what I'd expect, darn near perfect, and the body seems to have improved although that doesn't make sense to me but what do I know (added 1/2 DME to MR. B classic light)? Another hoppy beer I recently made had a wicked bite when I first sampled it just two weeks in, but in a good way, it's still a nice beer after 6 weeks but now I'm afraid the longer I leave it the more it'll loose that certain thing that I like. Guess I better drink her up :stout: and the body thing, well I've added 50% more LME to a couple std. Mr. B batches and they seem more watery than adding 1/2lb of DME. this is fun experimentation, so far all my beers have turned out eventually. can't wait for the next experiment.
  9. I stuck this in the fridge on Friday to cold crash. Before it went in I got an FG of 1.008 so around 4.4%. Next time I add a bit more LME. I bottled it tonight, the color looked great and it taste good flat. Looking forward to trying this carbed I might crack one a little early to see if anything obviously wrong jumps out at me (other than being a little light) cause I want to get a revised 2nd attempt started ASAP.
  10. My first 3 batches were like that, they really didn't get good until 7-8 conditioning weeks and now I look forward to them. My first non Mr Beer kit was great after just a couple weeks but it could have been all the hops hiding the fruitiness.
  11. I've been using big two handled pots and after 8 batches I have yet to spill a drop including a pot I did on the weekend which had the full 8.5Q in it before I poured (topped it up then chilled the whole pot in the snow bank). I tell you I treat the stuff like it's liquid gold and pour oh so slow and careful :laugh: .....but I bet after reading this post I just jinxed myself!
  12. There are loads of sites out their with 5-6 gallon recipes, I like this one and the new one linked to at the top of the page; http://hbd.org/brewery/cm3/ just take all those 5-6 gallon recipes and interpolate them down to 2.125 gallons.
  13. after 3.5 weeks I cold crashed this for a few days and bottled it this past Saturday. I put it in a mix of swing tops and used demerra for carb. A sample tasted fantastic, can't wait to try it carbed. One thing that surprised me was how little trub was in the bottom of the LBK ...maybe I just couldn't tell that it was going in the bottles because it was so dark Fortunately the last two bottles were 300ml testers. I'll try a tester out on St. Paddys. My first stout
  14. That's good to know thanks for the info
  15. I was thinking about this too a while back, and thought that if all things were supposed to be equal, ie. same recipe yeast etc, except maybe the quantities were out a little, if both LBKs were combined in the same bottling bucket would it negate the difference in quantity or affect the beer in any way? Yeah it might sound half ass but I pretty much had myself convinced that I didn't need to worry too much if I did it this way. That said I don't mind pouring some LME into a measuring cup as long as the LME can is warmed up first, I've managed to do it a couple of times with only a little mess.
  16. you know, the first one after a while I hardly notice it, it's definitely there but doesn't bother me too much, but if I have two it get's really evident by the end. Kind of like this pale ale I just picked up, first one is pretty darn good, nice hopsy ale, by the time I get to the end of the first pint I can start to taste a hint of caramel. Crack the second one and by the time I get to the end of it the caramel is overpowering and I'm certainly not even considering opening another (at least for a couple days anyways).
  17. LOL you guys kill me! 16 Litres, has litre and quart marks on it. I keep telling myself that I should stick to extract and keep it simple since I have such a good local source, I know sooner or later I'll want to do a big batch of AG but hopefully I can last more than 3 months without going their This should be sufficent for 5 gallon extract brews with some water top up eh? I am going to put some 5-6 gallon gear on my b-day list for June, but will always brew lot's of small batches, I love to experiment.
  18. My wife picked this up for me for valentines and filled it up with stuff to make me fat (er...fatter) She wanted me to have a dedicated pot for brews (so I'd stay out of her kitchenware). I think it will work well, I certainly won't be doing any 5 gallon AG with it, but I don't have any plans for going down that path for a while. Eventually I will have to take an engraver to the depth marks before they wear off.
  19. I will be cold crashing on Thursday and bottling next weekend, I'll be certain to bottle up a couple testers and hopefully have a report back in 3 weeks.
  20. I don't know if it's always the temperature though. I find that certain beers more than others, I get sort of acclimatized to the taste after a while, and after drinking them steady for a few days they just lose that initial spirit. But sure enough, if I switch to something else for a few days and then go back, they taste great again. Maybe you just need lot's of variety on hand at all times :banana: I bought some free Grolsch in nice bottles about a month ago. Now I'm not a big fan of Grolsch but I tell ya that first one tasted pretty good, by the time I got to the 8th I was almost looking forward to them being gone. I picked up a couple more 4 packs the other day, had the first one last night, it was good again I find I have to change it up once in a while, even with my most favorite beers.
  21. my current favorite micro brewery has just released a beer described as; "an extremely well balanced pale ale with a flowery and citrusy aroma, ample hop bitterness and caramel malt sweetness, 48 IBUs, US Cascade and US Kent Golding hops" It's called Big Mouth and it's brewed by Hop City. I stumbled upon this while at the liquor store today. I know it's been a while but this is the closest commercial brew available up here to SNPA 've found, heck I think they did a clone and switched out some of the specialty malt for caramel and added a teenie bit of the KG hops. The caramel is almost a little too noticeable and in-fact it drowns out some of the bitterness, I'd say SNPA has a bit more kick in the hops department even though it's less IBU. This one might be worth cloning too with a bit less caramel
  22. so much info. on the Borg. I sampled a little tester of my sorta IPA concoction last weekend after 2 weeks and it was so delicious. It's taken all my might to stay out of the conditioning closet this week. After reading this it sounds like I should probably get the whole box in the chill and try not to drink it all in a day? You guys are going to make me drink more and more beer now that I know I only have to condition my fav style for 2 weeks. Have to drink it up and free up those bottles right?
  23. I actually did that one up last Thursday.
  24. I just checked the keg and their is still a lot of krausen which surprised me. My thermo says the keg is sitting in the low-mid 60s so maybe it's just the happy place for the US-05? Tomorrow I'll be dropping the hops so I was half expecting the activity to have slowed down a whole lot, should I wait or just chuck it in anyways?
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