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  1. ok, thx, ya poo isnt' good, I don't know if I'll even go 5 with these, they feel pretty wimpy compared to the Mr. B caps.
  2. thanks for the info./tips, appreciated :chug:
  3. oh, just wanted to add, the yeast in the Coopers kit looked exactly the same as the yeast in the Mr. Beer kit, except their was more of it, I mean the actual yeast, not the packet ...but I've never seen anything else so I wouldn't know if it's actually possible to tell the diff just from looks
  4. I notice most home brewing how-tos recommend chilling the wort. My first Mr. Beer batch I strictly followed the instructions (except for cold crashing before bottling) and all went well. For my next 4 batches I have chilled the wort. Batches 2 & 3 I really didn't pay attention to or check temperatures, but the seemed to bubble up really nice after a day or two. Batches 4 & 5 I actually checked temps and was suprised. I used chilled water for the first 4L in my keg. I cooled the wort down to 100 degrees F, then added the wort to the keg, then topped up with more chilled water. At the end the mix was only 55 degrees. After over an hour in a warm kitchen it was only up to 60 degrees. I went ahead at this point and sprinkled the yeast and kept them in a warm place. I didn't want to leave my wort vulnerable too long, I wanted it yeasted and sealed. Batch #1 was happily fermenting within 6 hours, batch #2 was just starting to bubble a little after a day, and by the next morning it was finally humming along. I suspect when using chilled water I really don't need to cool my wort, can I go ahead and dump it right in like I did with batch #1? ..and when I'm dumping the wort, I watched a brew video and the guys were careful not to pour in all the crud in the bottom of the pot from the hops and bit of grain they added their Mr. Beer batch, is this really necessary, cause up until now I've poured every bit of substance out of that pot into my keg? Neil
  5. I picked up a pack of 6 dozen bottle caps at brew supply yesterday, thought I was getting a great deal for $7. Wasn't until I got home that I realized they didn't have the extra disk up inside the cap, just a ridge, pretty much the same as a new virgin pop bottle cap. I'm guessing they are ok for 1 or 2 times but likely not a good idea to use them much more than that. Any advice appreciated. Neil
  6. I just did up a couple kegs the other day; Keg #1: 3/4 can of Thomas Cooper Select IPA as is keg #2: remaining 1/4 can of TC IPA with a full can of Mr. Beer Classic Light and half an oz of Cascade after flameout. I can get the Coopers extracts for under $20 here and they are exactly twice the size of the Mr. Beer malts which are hard to come by here anyways. Even better, on my way home from picking up a can of Coopers English Bitter I spotted a u-brew place that sells to home brewers as long as they bring their own containers. $5/Litre for unhopped LME, woot. For now I'll use the u-brew LME to boost my Coopers when I split between two kegs, eventually I'll end up using just the LME varieties and my own hops and grains ....when I get a little more experienced. I'll let you know how it works out. Neil Neil
  7. possibly, without opening one I can't say for sure, I'll keep it in mind for future batches. thx Neil
  8. Thanks guys, you are giving me hope. ...and thanks for the welcomes, I guess I should probably have introduced myself, but I guess all this worrying about my baby I forgot lol My basement hovers between 65 and 75 depending on the weather/thermostat. Now my first batch which was just a straight classic light batch done without any changes is still not ready to drink after 2 weeks fermenting and 3 weeks conditioning in this basement, so I was thinking I'd leave this batch for a good 4 weeks before I even look at it again (it will be hard, the voices in my head keep telling me to test my brews daily). I will definitely report back when I get a taste and let you all know how it goes. "asnider" post=308378 said:Quick question: you mentioned that you went down to get a whiff of the fermentation smell everyday. Were you removing the lid to do this? I don't generally notice the smell of my fermenting beer once I've closed the LBK, so that's why I ask. Actually I keep a cardboard box over the keg, when I lift if it off I get a whiff ..I don't actually open the lid, I think the box somewhat traps whatever odors are leaking out the LBK vents. I'm too scared I'll wreck my brew to open it up. Neil (all waiting and no drinking makes me something something ...is so hard!)
  9. alrighty, so I've thoroughly searched the interwebs on this topic and appreciate all those that have contributed on other threads. I haven't even had a chance to taste a ripe batch yet, so I'm a serious newb, but wanted to talk about my 3rd batch that I just bottled yesterday. First prep; I was anal about keeping everything cleaned and sanitized, this was the first time I'd reused a LBK after it had already had a batch through. When I cleaned the LBK after the first batch, I removed the spigot, I used a pea sized drop of anti-bacterial hand soap and lot's of fresh water. The soap was non scented and I made sure it didn't have any extra moisturizers and what not. I rinsed it thoroughly, only thing I can't remember is if I wiped it out with anything after washing it. Then when I made the beer I basically followed the instructions using sanitizer as before. I started with the can of classic light that came with my 2nd kit (started out with 2 kits ), to that I did a 60 minute boil with 1/4lb of wheat DME, with 1/4 oz of Glacier at 15 minutes, another 1/4 Glacier just prior to flameout, I also added the second 1/4lb of wheat dme just prior to flameout. I prepared the LME following the instructions in a 2nd pot, I then added the two pots together, cooled, and finished up as usual. One thing I didn't learn about was to cover the wort while it's cooling, I think my pot was probably exposed to the air for a good 15-20 minutes if not longer while it cooled. With this batch I used all bottled spring water. It seemed to start fermenting really well and it smelled fantastic the entire time it was fermenting. I'd go down every night for a wiff LOL. I fermented it for 14 days. I then moved it from the basement to the garage to cold crash where it spent 3 days. I was careful not to shake it up while I moved it. When I went to bottle it I drained off a couple ounces until it ran clean. I used about a 12" length of hose attached to the spigot. The hose had just came out of sanitizer and probably still had some residue on it. Anyways the couple ounces I drained off was quite bitter in a hopsy kind of way and very cloudy, and it had a quite a bit of soapiness to it. I was thinking the soapiness might have come from the fresh sanitizer or possibly from the glass. I've only read one other thread where a guy reported back that the soapiness went away during conditioning. I was also wondering if the cloudy stuff from the trub could have a soapy flavour. I made a heavier brew a couple days before this one, it fermented 18 days, also cold crashed for 3, and then bottled it at the same time, and it tasted fantastic when I bottled it, which makes me think even more that this soapy batch might be toast I've only seen two threads where guys came back after further conditioning and commented on their soapy brews, one was good news, the other bad. I'm thinking I'll just be waiting this one out... Neil
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