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  1. Yes..I did the Gila monster...it was at its best 1yr. Later..time is your friend.
  2. 1L PET's take longer to condition than good ol 12oz..those recipes give a basic light beer go for stout with more additions..I did the mb Gila monster ipa and it's great!! I made it in July of 2013..and it's awesome now!! The 2-2-2 rule is for basic might be ready beers..I go 2-3-2-4months conditioning it will get better with age..go for bigger recipe.
  3. Wow best beer yet by mb...good at 3 mos...even better at 10mos..just awesome!!!!!
  4. Strange just tried another one last night...again flat thin and sweet ...the last bottle I tried started coming along decent.
  5. Ok update another few weeks and it's starting to show a nice dry finish good hop byte...worth the wait!!!
  6. macbeer


    Well I just bottle the mb Saison in lbk 3 weeks at 70...I took a sample..tastes sweet really no beer flavor I hope ferm. Didn't get stuck..I wish I had a hydrometer..I bottled it anyway. Is this the profile of this beer. I'm gonna wait a month or so hope it conditions out..on bottling it was really foamy, then again I was using new bottles..
  7. Spoke with online mb Nd they said they are discontinuing 1L pet's..I like them and I know they have new 12oz but u really can't drink from because of the trub..I guess u can but I like the 1Liter bottles..
  8. My first bottle was yuck...thin and sweet and cloudy...maybe chill haze and still green...ill wait a couple more weeks.
  9. macbeer

    White Ipa?

    Has anyone tried the seasonal white ipa? Is it any good as is?
  10. I figured that...hmm maybe ill do chocolate covered cherries recipe or dark forest stout..the Irish stout is great from mb!
  11. Ok the girlfriend wants me to do a cherry wheat..I've done the mb recipe b4 but could barely taste the cherries... should I use an xtra or xtra can of cherries...I think I saw brewers best extract I don't want that artificial taste though, xtra can of berries might thin it out but if add after 1 week will it add more cherry flavor? Maybe add xtra pound of wheat dme then 2 cans of cherries at day 10 of ferm.
  12. Im at around 6 weeks conditioning..gonna put one in the fridge maybe next week.
  13. Ok I'm going on 3 weeks in the Lbk I still see a slight bubble or 2 coming up to the surface..should I let it ride another week?
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