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  1. I brewed up an Oatmeal Chocolate Stout today. The hydro sample tasted pretty good and thinking this one should turn out pretty good. The recipe is as follows: 0.5 lbs Toasted oats 0.17 lbs Organic Chocalate Malt 0.5 oz Fuggles Hops 0.5 lbs Lactose 4 oz. Nestle Cocoa Powder 1 Can MB St Pats Irish Stout 1 pks S-05 Yeast 0.5 lbs Amber DME Initial OG came in at 1.56 vs an estimate of 1.059 so very happy with that! Started with toasting the old fashioned oats first for about an hour at 325. Then added the DME to the pot of water as I brought it up to about 165 degrees. Then I mashed the oats and chocolate malt at about 150 degrees for 30 minutes and sparged when done. Then added the hops for a 60 minute boil. Mixed the cocoa powder with some water to make a slurry and added it and the lactose in the final 10 minutes of the boil. I rehydrated the yeast during the boil as well. I ended up pitching the yeast at about 76 degrees and plan to move to a secondary LBK after primary fermentation. The gravity sample tasted pretty good and the hops definitely added some bitterness to it. I will make sure to followup with how this recipe turns out.
  2. Well I think I'm gonna finally brew this up this weekend. Thinking of adding some cocoa powder and lactose to it as well. Thinking about 4 oz of cocoa and 2-4 of the lactose.
  3. Cracked open my first bottle of this after a month in the bottles. Didn't have much head and what there was didn't last too long. Cracked open like a soda and is a bit more carbed like others have said. Used domino dots like usual but wish I had gone with a bit less now. As for the taste it's not too bad, actually better than I thought after my sampling at bottling. Definitely not what MB advertised it as, but a good witbier as others have said. Just wish the carbonation was a bit less.
  4. I'd say the ciders aftertaste. They didn't seem to notice it but I could definitely pick up the similar taste.
  5. Turned out pretty good, just got it to my parents this past weekend and they really liked it! I tried one out and wasnt too bad. Had that certain taste some of the other MB recipes seem to have to me. Not sure how to describe it, but the Patriot and Bewitchd had it as well. Guessing its something used in creating the HME.
  6. MattP1981


    I agree on the price, luckily I got it on sale. I added a Smooth LME to it and used both packets of yeast that came with the HME's. Rehydrated them and got an OG of 1.084, so this should make a pretty strong beer for sure. I added the LME hoping that it along with the American Ale would help counter some of the extreme bitterness of the Diablo. Tossed in the hops as it said to sit in the LBK for the entire process. Brewin Bull, how was the aroma?
  7. MattP1981


    Has anybody made this one yet? It's next on my list and wondered how it is.
  8. I bottled mine today after a 2 day cold crash and dry hopped 1/2 of cascade the last week. Got an FG of 1.009 for an ABV of 6.812%. Very happy with that reading considering many other numbers by the Borg. Had a very wheat scent to it even with the dry hop. The hops didn't come through at all really. My hydro sample tasted much more like a Hefeweizen than an IPA and was quite hazy. Hopefully that mellows out a bit, as I'm not a huge jefe fan.
  9. Congrats! My RCE with T8r was a Dopplebock mod and the sample I tried before moving to 2ndary was great too!
  10. I found out what everybody meant with quick krausen! Was up to top of keg after about 7 hours!
  11. Awesome, looking forward to your review!
  12. Started off brewing my MB White IPA. Then some fish tacos and Pico de gallo for dinner tonight! Then some brews later as well! Happy Cinco de Mayo!
  13. Finally got an open LBK and brewed mine this am. Came in at about 1.062 range and rehydrated the yeast. Also had the bag rip so threw in a hop sack. Think I will dry hop some cascade or citra in this as many have done.
  14. Tried this out today after three weeks in the bottle to see how it was. WOW, this is gonna be great! For sure tastes like the best one I've brewed so far! Can't wait for more tastes as it continues to condition. The citrus from the hops makes a great aroma and its got a smooth taste with a hint of bitterness!
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