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  1. Very nice ramp!! To waterproof I'd recommend deck stain! ~worm
  2. The :borg: was/ is here to help.. And mostly most of us who went against the grain speak of true experience.. So if some of us come across "sensistive" its because our own experience resulted in bad results and perhaps loss of beer (That should be a crime in some countries).. Personally I'd recommend making a bottling bucket and batch prime.. ~worm
  3. Don't ask how I came to figureing this out... A cap full of fabric softener diluted in warm water.. :whistle: ~worm
  4. "mtsoxfan" post=348050 said:I guess if can't get a smooth cut, I can seal it really good with silicone. The smoothness of the cut was my big concern. Get a deburring tool.. it will smooth out all your edges after drilling nearly everything ~worm
  5. "HazardousBrewer" post=347548 said: "electricworm" post=347536 said: Just so you are aware that they do exist and I'm not crazy 3/8 in. OD x 7/8 in. BC x 12 in. Toilet Supply Line Braided Stainless Steel My Bad Hazardous.. Personally I've never seen one. Owe you a pint. ~worm No problem, I'll glady take you up on that offer :gulp: Always some in the fridge.. Open invitation. Of the two rectangle coolers I have, neither have a spigot. Before I go all Norm Abrams on it, has anyone drilled one before? I know it's not brain surgery, but always willing to listen to advise on what has worked or failed. I know I don't have a whole saw smaller than 1 7/8 but I do have a slew of paddle bits. I'm thinking those would chew up plastic pretty good, unless I found a way to clamp a wood backer on each side... I've never drilled one but I'd Imagine you want to drill it around the same if not exact size of the OD of your ball valve you have.. Just to prevent leaks.. What to expect when you drill? I imagine two layers of plastic, some styrofoam and a little leprechaun.. hes friendly though ~worm
  6. Watch out.. its a trap!! Seriously Though, I don't have any nor know where to get one.. ~worm
  7. "Jimjohson" post=347844 said: "evily" post=347837 said: "khawk95" post=347772 said: "HazardousBrewer" post=347747 said: "Jimjohson" post=347745 said:Middletown Amber Ale (2.5 gal) 1.5 lbs Amber DME 1.5 lbs Light DME .5oz german perle @ 60 min .25 cascade @ 15 min .125 czech saaz @ 5min. safbrew s-33 21 dayus in the LBK. 4 weeks in the bottle. Refrigerate to taste. ABV 5.2 -WARNING- If you are from Michigan important this is a Buckeye brew and could cause urges to relocate near Columbus! Oh I like the sound of that! :laugh: Sorry, but as a proud Iowa hawkeye, I'm going to have to stick to my cornfields! Yeah, I'm a Boilermaker. I can't be making any kind of Buckeye brew! (However, this recipe does sound very tasty!) It only affects Spartans, specially brewed for this. Excuse my Silly Canadian-ness but what sport are you guys talking about? I'm getting lost ~worm
  8. Just so you are aware that they do exist and I'm not crazy 3/8 in. OD x 7/8 in. BC x 12 in. Toilet Supply Line Braided Stainless Steel My Bad Hazardous.. Personally I've never seen one. Owe you a pint. ~worm
  9. "HazardousBrewer" post=347237 said: "mtsoxfan" post=347201 said:Thanks. From the pic, it looked like a plumbing water supply hose. That must be a brewing specialty item. As soon a s I find an 8 -10 gal kettle, I'm trying out an easy drinking ale to experiment on, then working on your recipe. It's actually a toilet hose that has the core removed. + 0.5 Actually most toilet hoses aren't stainless.. Stainless ones are usually meant for hot water.. Just might want to make sure its Stainless Steal when you buy yours.. Hazardous might be boiling his excrement in his toilet.. I don't know.. Strange folk down there ~worm
  10. I've toyed with the idea and tried using an "older" (without digital panel on it) style crockpot. I used a candy thermometer and the temperature was on the high side.. That being said this weekend (If the weekend goes as planned) I planned on a little experiment to try it with a STC-1000, stick the probe in the water, set it to the appropriate temperature and some chocolate grain . I'll write back with my results ~worm
  11. If you plan on batch priming all your brews, I'd recommend getting a scale.. that way if you want to up your brews eventually, it'll be one less piece of equipment to buy :banana: ~worm
  12. Swen made a great post awhile back on an oatmeal stout he did Swen's Oatmeal Stout I imagine when I'm making a stout I plan on doing it similar to this.. Maybe you'll gather an idea or two.. either or , it was a good read. ~worm
  13. "Knightmare" post=346156 said:Or you could use a hack saw an cut slits every 1/4 inch in the pieces that don't have a tee or elbow. That's what I did to mine. It's made out 1/2 inch copper, but I average 78-83% efficiency. Heck! Try your original design and see how it works! It might good enough. You never know until you try it out! Well I do have the extra tees and pipe so it wouldn't be a big deal to do it.. One of my original plans was to do a "triple" manifold, depends how busy my work day is tomorow, might just finish it there... Also I Might just do a test run as is and see what happens, and compare ~worm
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