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  1. Yeah I wish I wasn't either but hey, it pays the bills! Hopefully you don't get called in!
  2. It's 11pm my time here in Missouri... I'm working a glorious 12 hour shift and thought I would see if anyone else out there could use some company!
  3. "docpd" post=304058 said:As you can see, everyone is different. I have 3 LBK's and usually have at least 2 of them brewing at any one time. I ferment in the laundry room, a cooler in a corner of the family room and in the winter in the basement/garage (where I can do true lagers) I room temperature condition in the laundry room for 4 weeks then move to basement till I put them in the fridge. I usually have 7-8 different brews ready to drink at any one time. I usually wont crack one open till 4 weeks in the bottle and have beers ranging from 4 weeks to a year in the bottle. I use glass exclusively, and generally get 18 twelve ounce bottles and 3 sixteen ounce flippies out of a batch. Doc, Thanks for telling me how you have your setup. Hopefully I can keep my basement at a good temperature for the fermenting and bottle conditioning because the garage is probably the only other place ill be able to work. That's interesting your bottles last a year, I didn't realize they could go that long.
  4. "packerduf" post=304151 said:Corey, I sent you another PM. Sent you one back. Thank you!
  5. "evily" post=304035 said: "radonc73" post=304008 said:I was born in Germany (Berlin) due to my Army parents (yep, both my dad AND mom were in the Army). it is one of my lifelong dreams to go back, see where I was born, and enjoy some German beer! Thank you and thank your family for what they have done. Hopefully one day you get to go back!
  6. 31D is army? And I'm guessing your retired now?
  7. "radonc73" post=303956 said:When I was in Geramany EVERY bottle of Hefe and most others had a layer of trub in it that we at 18-22 drank ALOT of. No wonder we couldn't get a date all our rooms were toxic. But it will not kill you you paid for it also. Hahaha that could be the cause. Germany huh... Military?
  8. So I stopped by our local brew shop after a few years of meaning to go and I have to say I was VERY impressed. Everything I had thought about getting either now or in the future, they had it or said they would be happy to get it. Ill be a happy frequent customer for sure!
  9. Lol I probably wouldn't notice a difference.
  10. That bad huh? Hopefully it wasn't a big batch.
  11. I dont mind drinking from a glass, I just find it easier to open the bottle and go. I have another question. Has anyone ever had a batch taste bad or not turn out right becuase you might have not sanitized something properly?
  12. Hm.... If you drink if from the bottle, with all the tipping and mixxing, is it noticeable?
  13. So I just read that when you bottle, the carbonation process creates sediment in the bottom of the bottles... how much sediment is there usually?
  14. Just added those to my favotites! Thank you.
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