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  1. Couldn’t find it when I did a quick search. Will try again.
  2. I thought of mixing the can of wort but instead of adding the yeast transferring to a mini keg/growler with CO2 to carbonate.
  3. Ok it’s an off the wall topic. Any way I could make a batch of nonalcoholic brew.
  4. I bow to the wisdom of the collective and will do 1/2 an ounce. I have a very good digital kitchen scale. And I'll let it sit in the boiling water before I add anything else.
  5. I have a deluxe refill of Mexican Cerveza on it's way. I am planning on tweaking it with some lime peel I picked up at my new found local beer store. 1 oz. packet just like hops come. Any ideas? Hop sack into boiling before adding wort or toss in LBK before pitching the yeast. In kegs Chocolate Porter Oatmeat Stout In bottles Biere de Saison American Ale Mexican Cerveza
  6. There's a Mr. Beer recipe that calls for 1 cup of brown sugar and 1/2 a cup of cocoa to be added to the water after boiling before adding the wort. I read a number of comments against brown sugar due to molases favors so I went with unrefined cane sugar. Still in the keg so I'm a ways out from any taste reports.
  7. Just had an Irish Stout that went in the bottle four months ago. How some things improve with time. Damn shame there's only one bottle left from the batch.
  8. That's the plan. Let it sit another month.
  9. A while ago I posted about a brewing screwup. I was making a batch of spring seasonal, got my wires crossed, and added a robust lme pack. Oops. Now I'm not suggesting everyone run out and try it but it tastes ok. Dark color, not as heavy as a stout and a slight hint of the spice pack. I won't do it again but it's not going down the drain.
  10. We recently had company from England for a week and in anticipation I had been saving 1 or 2 beers from every batch I made. I'm sipping a stout that went in the bottle 2/2/2013. Surprisingly little head but man does it taste good. Next up Honey Lager from 2/23/13.
  11. Just started a batch of this today. I was considering adding a little lime juice after a week or so in the keg. I generally let it sit in the keg 3 weeks before going into the bottles. Any thoughts?
  12. I brewed up a double strength pot of coffee, tossed it in the fridge and added a shot to every bottle on my last batch of stout. I also used raw cane sugar to prime. Four weeks and I'll see how she tastes.
  13. I bow to the will of the collective. I have been assimilated. Now I gotta figure out what to call it.
  14. Maybe I'll bottle and call it "Cluster F!?ck Ale".
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